Our second selection for ThreeWill Hero was another no-brainer. Working with Tricia Mercaldo and her team has been one of the highlights of our ten-year tenure at ThreeWill. She places trust in her teams to give them the opportunity to grow and be successful. She has also placed this trust in ThreeWill, which is one of the primary reasons we would like to recognize her this month as a ThreeWill Hero.

Early Discussions

Microsoft invites ThreeWill to present at events to both educate and sometimes entertain enterprises, usually covering various SharePoint topics. At one of these events, I was fortunate to sit beside Tricia and have a nice initial discussion with her. We followed up with each other over the next year or so until the opportunity came up for us to work on a business case together. The business case focused on Collaboration and laid the foundation for her organization to move to SharePoint.

Working Together

Tricia and her team are extremely creative, innovative, and hard-working. Given that, it’s not to often that she looks for outside help. Fortunately, she placed trust in us to help her and her team out with making the move to SharePoint. We were excited about the opportunity to work with them to put together a plan for both setting up SharePoint 2007 as a pilot and help with the overall rollout. This initiative was successful by every regard and the adoption has turned this into a case-study on how to roll out SharePoint successfully in the enterprise.

Building Momentum

Tricia has been a huge advocate for ThreeWill. She has recommended us to other groups and this has turned into more successful projects that have helped to build the momentum around SharePoint. Most people do not realize how important these referrals are – small companies like ThreeWill live or die based on whether we get referred to other potential opportunities. Tricia has also treated us like we are an extension to her team. In a world where most people have low opinions of consulting organizations (and sometimes rightfully so), it is refreshing to have a client relationship where we are focused on solving problems together and not on whether one group will take advantage of the other.


We continue to feel fortunate to work with Tricia and her team to this day. There are some people who help you to become better over time and she is one of them.

And now, a word from our Hero

Upon hearing about being a ThreeWill Hero, Tricia shared the following…“Thanks again for considering me to be a ThreeWill Hero…I appreciate the continued opportunity to work with you and your team…the experience in working with ThreeWill is so very different than the other vendors in this space and I appreciate that you make it easy to do business. We have accomplished a great deal and I look forward to whatever comes next.”

Thank you Tricia for being a ThreeWill Hero!

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