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Who we are looking for…

At ThreeWill, we are going through another growth spurt and want to take an opportunity to consciously expand the ThreeWill team.

We are looking for Certified Scrum Master, a SharePoint Consultant or a Microsoft Developer with experience in Microsoft 365 / SharePoint Solutions.

How we determine a fit…

As most small businesses know (and all businesses in general), hiring the right people is one of the key decisions that can make or break the company. When we seek out new people, we take a three-step approach and evaluate new candidates in the following order:

  1. People – Is this candidate a people fit? Do they share our values? Can they continue the spirit of humble, confident service to our clients and their fellow associates at work?
  2. Process – Is the candidate methodical in their approach to their role? We value Free Will at ThreeWill and in order to function properly in an organization that values free will, you need to have high trust and effective communications. We look to see how that candidate could operate in a group that values Agile principals.
  3. Technology – Does the candidate have the technical aptitude to get the job done? This is the last thing we check because we have higher value on the People and Process fit of a candidate. We have been known to help people launch their career down a new technical path because we saw a fit in People and Process abilities and the individual was able to show aptitude to pick up the technologies we leverage.

Is ThreeWill a fit for you?

Here are three things to consider as it relates to a career at ThreeWill:

  1. If the work environment is just as important (or more important) as the type of work you do, please consider ThreeWill.
  2. If you get a kick out of solving complex problems and like collaborative solutions that help teams Work Together Better, please consider ThreeWill.
  3. If you want to truly feel part of a team and be in a company environment that integrates incentives that encourage their associates to work as a team, please consider ThreeWill.

If I have piqued your interest, please apply online now.

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