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ThreeWill Podcast on Spotify

Due to popular demand, the producers of the TheeWill Podcast have now made it available on Spotify!

Previously, the podcast has been available on some popular sources like Soundcloud, iTunesStitcher and TuneIn. However, Spotify has been an up-and-coming source to listen to podcasts. Spotify gives you access to millions of listeners in 60 markets across desktop, Android, and iOS devices. So, it seemed like time to push the podcast to this application.

How Spotify is Helping Creators

Spotify has been focusing on not just hosting podcasts on their platform, but also giving podcasters the tools necessary to produce, edit, and distribute episodes. I’m alluding to Spotify’s Anchor and Soundtrap. Anchor is a platform in which you can create, distribute, and monetize podcasts. Soundtrap focuses more on the editing aspects of podcast production. Specifically, Soundtrap boasts the ability for podcasters to record, edit, and collaborate on their platform.

A big draw to use Soundtrap is the software’s ability to transcribe your podcast episode and easily upload the transcript to Spotify. What is great about this is increasing the find-ability of episodes because of allowing users to search for content within the episode from Google. Google recently announced that they will be showing podcasts in their search results, so having a transcript for Google to reference is going to be more and more important for find-ability.

How to Get YOUR Podcast on Spotify

If you want your podcast to show up on Spotify, look at Spotify’s guide here: GUIDE.

The guide breaks down the method for uploading a new podcast or even if you need to claim access to a podcast already on Spotify.

If you want to go WAAYY back to the first episode of our podcast in 2015, take a look at what the podcast used to sound like with an episode titled: Roles and Responsibilities over Titles.

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