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Here’s my list…What would you add? 

1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

This topic was everywhere. Much more than Cloud. Or Social.

The big announcement was not a new company name, but rather the introduction of the Salesforce1 platform. It’s a move to provide a single mobile experience for Salesforce services and Partner apps from the AppExchange. My favorite quote from the week about mobile came from the Marissa Mayer/ Marc Benioff discussion – “mobile a wave large enough for reinvention.” In other words, the platform switch to mobile is a big enough change that there will be an opportunity for companies to rethink the way they serve their customers.

2. UX/UI Design

Another quote from Marissa Mayer – “It’s not just about usability, it’s also about usefulness.”

How can we make apps that are more useful. How can we nail the couple of key mobile workflows that are most important to our users?

3. Getting To The Bottom Of Your Todo List Is Not The Goal

Yet another nugget from the Marisa Mayer conversation.

You can’t tell I enjoyed the conversation with Marisa Mayer.  Just focus everyday on higher priority items…if you never get to the bottom of the list that’s a good sign. You are spending your time on more important tasks and not the least important.  Nice little nugget of wisdom that will help me sleep better at night.

4. The Salesforce Ecosystem Is Alive And Well

Last year we were in a booth with our good friends at Plantronics.

This year, I had the chance to spend more time with people at the expo. It’s amazing to see how healthy many of these companies are – their were more cars given away this week than I can count on one hand. My whole marketing budget for a year could be consumed by purchasing this magnitude of a giveaway… My impression is that partners are thriving – even the ones with competitive products to Salesforce.

5. Rain Won’t Stop the Party

We had plenty of rain this week – but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time.

They had a huge bubble structure on the street between Moscone South and North. And the Blondie/Green Day was at AT&T stadium where there was plenty of cover (and box seats to show the customers love, I’m sure). The most brilliant move was to hand out umbrellas for free (with no branding – not sure if this was intentional or not).

6. Authenticity Is In

One of my favorite moments from the week was the conversation between Marc Benioff and Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb, the CTO of Whole Foods.

They talked about how the corporate values shape their company. You could tell how passionate they both were about making an impact in the community. There was something refreshing about the conversation – it felt real, authentic.

Technology Business Leaders Address Salesforce Conference

7. Did Salesforce Just Make A Move Towards On Premise?

I was intrigued by the announcement from Salesforce and HP – a new offering called SuperPod.

No, it’s not the option of hosting Salesforce on premise yourself…It’s a dedicated hosted service offering. I’ve heard from some of our customers that for reasons of data security that they can’t go with Salesforce. I wonder if having HP host how/if this will address this show stopper.

8. An “App For This And An App For That” Is Out

One of the more interesting moves that Salesforce made was to consolidate their mobile apps into one app (aptly name Salesforce1).

If you were like me, on the flight home I removed all the miscellaneous Salesforce apps (Classic, Logger, Salesforce Contacts, etc) from my iPhone/iPad. They were in a Business folder on my second screen. Now, the Salesforce1 has a coveted spot on my home screen. A side benefit is I don’t have to think about which app to open to log a call or update an opportunity…

9. Today Feature On Salesforce1

As an Outlook junky, I have used various Salesforce and Third-Party integrations with Outlook.

I’m using Outlook for Salesforce right now to integrate my calendar, tasks, and emails with Salesforce. For the iPhone version of Salesforce1, they added an app called Today. You can use it to merge both your local calendar and tasks with Salesforce. Check it out if you haven’t already…

10. It’s The Customers

I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone do this better – Salesforce gets out of the way and lets Customers talk about their success.

The promotion they give almost feels like they obtain a “Rock Star” status. It’s a bit of marketing brilliance (I could do this better – the client testimonials are good, but how can I elevate the project sponsors for our clients better and give them a medium for sharing the success? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Bonus Takeaway…

11. Philanthropy Comes First

The first 20 or so minutes of the keynote focused on the Salesforce Foundation.

This put things into perspective for the day. Tommy and I had more conversations about how we can formalize what we do to give back to the community (in the past these conversations would be dominated by technical topics, just another sign we are getting old). We are talking with others in the company about using the 1/1/1 model at ThreeWill. Of course, we love things that come in threes!

A side note about the importance of the Salesforce Foundation – we’ve been fortunate to work with Salesforce over the last couple of years (helping out with some Salesforce/SharePoint integration).  During one of the first meetings we had, they started the conversation out with talking about the Salesforce Foundation and how important it was not only to Marc Benioff, but also all the employees at Salesforce.  In other words, it’s not just lip service.

We’ve got some more blog posts on the way about #DF13 – they will be more technical than mine if you are the coding kind…

Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section below!

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