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Client Profile

Large global media and entertainment company operating in 200 countries in 30 languages.


Editors and Producers need to be able to view movie and television content and capture metadata related to specific scene segments that can be used to sell advertising and help schedule when commercial breaks should occur during the actual movie or television broadcast.


SharePoint Portal for viewing of all video content with the ability to capture metadata for all video content. Custom search that enables Editors and Producers to search for video content and filter or refine the search results to a highly granular level.

Business Benefits

  • Advertising Sales able to quickly search video content and determine the best spots to sell advertising based upon the metadata captured for every scene
  • Video content quickly rendered from external applications to be played within the Portal Video Player
  • Rapid and refined search of specific video content based upon advanced metadata
  • Ability to export Search Results for further analysis and usage in the sale of advertising

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