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We’ve been doing Jive to Microsoft (including Microsoft 365/SharePoint) migrations for the last 4-5 years and we’ve got a great process and tooling to help with these migrations.

One of the things I like to do early in the process is to put together an action plan.  It’s based on one of the seven habits, Begin with an End in Mind.

Here’s a typical action plan based on our experience – it might seem like some of these timelines are longer than expected, but they reflect the reality of what we’ve seen (we are typically working with larger clients so usually the paperwork is what is slowing us down).

Tentative Action Plan for Transition from Jive to Microsoft

Now – Download and run Jive Sizing Tool and fill out the Request Estimate form. Look for an email from ThreeWill to schedule an initial phone conversation.

+2 weeks – Decide on and schedule a 2-day Migration Workshop

+1 month – Begin getting NDA/MSA/SOW in place for the Workshop and get a date for Workshop tentatively set

+6 weeks – Pre-Migration Workshop meeting and finalize paperwork

+2 months – Migration Workshop and POC (migrate a couple of places)

+2 months – Client completes mapping document (where Jive content is going to in Microsoft 365)

+3 months – Get SOW in place for migration with Project Plan

+3 months (2-4 weeks) – Pilot Migration and Data Extraction

+4 months –  Production Migration and Final Acceptance

+5 months –  Contingency Time

+5 months – Off Jive

We’ve done smaller migrations in less time (I think the smallest was around 6 weeks total) and have sped up the process with clients that can make decisions and get the paperwork in place quicker.  Some things, like communication to and feedback from department heads and end users, require time not just from the team and are dependent on others.

Important factors to time are if the client is just migrating content types we’ve worked with on previous projects and the number of places that we are moving.

Read more Frequently Asked Questions (has details on things like the 2-day Migration Workshop and content types we can migrate).

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