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Excel: My Tool of Choice for Adding Test Cases to DevOps

I’ve always found Microsoft Excel to be the easiest and most effective way to write test cases. If you’re a Tester who shares my sentiment but your company is using Azure DevOps to manage your projects, rest easy. You can still use Excel to add test cases to DevOps. You will be limited to just the Title, Steps, and Result(s), but luckily DevOps has everything you need to enhance and add complexity to them after the initial creation.

Step 1

In DevOps under your Test Suite, there is an option to create a “new test case using grid.”

This brings up an Excel-style “grid” where you can input your Title, Steps, and Results.

Step 2

Now you can choose to create the test cases directly into this grid, OR you can paste them directly from Excel! Here is a fairly straight forward example:

From Excel:

To DevOps:

After clicking “Save” in DevOps, your test cases will be officially created and assigned IDs:

Step 3

You can then change the view, or open them individually to add things like links, related work, more steps, tags, comments, etc.


Most test cases will have multiple steps, and some will have multiple results. Some may even have results for individual steps within the test case. In the example below, we have a test case with 3 steps. The first step has a result tied to it. The third step has two results tied to it. To make these align properly within DevOps, you must assign one step (and its corresponding result) per line.

From Excel:

To DevOps (after saving):


Looking at the test case details, you can see that everything aligns as it should.

Are you having any trouble completing the steps? Reach out in the comments! And if you’re a Tester, be sure to check out one of my other blog posts; here is one I like: Do Software Testers Need to Know How to Code?

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