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In a World of Working at Home

This is something I’ve thought about recently as we are all dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. While we work to do what we can for others at somewhat of a distance, it helps me appreciate more the use of Microsoft Teams while working at home.

Why Microsoft Teams

While working remotely during this time, our workmates here at ThreeWill are still able to collaborate effectively through the use of Microsoft Teams. You can check out this podcast on the more nitty-gritty of Microsoft Teams if you’re interested.

During this time of social distancing, we are able to utilize Programs and Accounts set up to effectively manage our client work.  We are able to update documents simultaneously and in real-time.  What’s more is that we are able to converse via Post and via Meetings no problem.

As for external users, we are also able to collaborate directly with some of our Clients via External Team channels set up with them.  While in calls with them using Microsoft Teams, the Client is able to visibly see Files, which they too can update.  Another great functionality is that we are able to effectively use the Planner Board to work through open items.



Sometimes we take things for granted.  Microsoft Teams is one of those things that I appreciate even more while we are all trying to help to reduce the effects of the Coronavirus by social distancing.  We even make calls using Microsoft Teams.  If you haven’t used it before, try it out!  You will be impressed.  Stay safe during these trying times.

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