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Today I had the pleasure to spend the day at Matt Elementary School in Forsyth County volunteering for the day as part of a program called Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students). I took the day off as part of our great benefits program at ThreeWill where employees can take 5 days off per year to volunteer. Sorry for the shameless plug, but yes, we are hiring – here are the current job openings.

I wanted to share my top five memories from the day. First off, here’s what the day looked like:

Favorite Memory #1 – Live Broadcast in the Morning

Connor and I were a part of the morning program where I was given the chance to introduce myself and let the students know that I look forward to getting fist bumps in the hallway. I was impressed with the set up of their production studio and it even gave me some ideas for one that we could create at work.

Favorite Memory #2 – Getting to See Connor’s Classmates

It’s pure joy to see how excited they are to see a friend’s Dad. Once things calmed down, I was given the chance to read “Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham.” We especially enjoyed reading the pages with lots of words in Green Eggs and Ham as fast as we could.

Favorite Memory #3 – Remembering What it was Like to Be a Kid

During one of the classes, I had the chance to take 4 of the boys into the hallway for a math quiz. Without flinching, all four boys made up fake names for themselves. After we were done playing, one of them told me what they did. I told him I was impressed (and that my name wasn’t really Mr. Ryan).

Favorite Memory #4 – Dancing with Connor in the Sensory Room

It was great to see how many opportunities Connor had to stretch, exercise and dance to work things out.  It was great that the kids had time in a sensory room when they needed it…

Connor dancing to Larger than Life in the Sensory Room

Connor Dancing (with music)

Favorite Memory #5 – Seeing this in the bathroom

We are a big Microsoft Partner, so it made me chuckle to see this (it’s like Microsoft Edge is a virus). Seriously, it was good to see lots of Microsoft software on the Smartboards and Desktops (and it seemed like Chromebooks were the default as well for laptops).  I commented to Amy how much technology was being used by the school and she mentioned that the Forsyth County School System is known for this.

You cannot make these things up…


I’m exhausted. It’s amazing what these teachers do every day and so taking one day out of the year to help out seems like the least I could do. Check and see if your children have a similar program. If so, give one day out of the year and be ready to come home with some great memories.

Connor and I at the beginning of the big day!

Connor making his selection for his next song during the dance party! He chose Larger Than Life from the Backstreet Boys. His Mom would be proud. Me, not so much.

My official Dog Tag from the day, which entitled me to a lot of fist bumps and a day full of great memories!

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