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ThreeWill has bet on SharePoint for several years.  We continue to “ante-up” on that bet as we go into 2014.  This is a critical year for enterprises to make the right decisions as it comes to embracing Cloud, Social and Mobile solutions with SharePoint. The Top 5 areas of focus for 2014 at ThreeWill are:

  1. SharePoint 2013 Migrations and Hybrid Environments – How can we help our clients move off of older versions of SharePoint to reap the benefits of the investments that Microsoft has put into SharePoint?  How can we provide clear guidance on beginning to move to the cloud?
  2. SharePoint 2013 Apps – How can we help our clients build a collaborative line of business apps on the latest SharePoint release?
  3. Mobile SharePoint Applications – How can we bring SharePoint to the mobile workforce?
  4. Enterprise Social with SharePoint – How can we drive more adoption of SharePoint with the recent advancements in social?
  5. Solution Sustainment – How can we make sure that our clients have a partner that will be around for years to come to make improvements and ad-hoc support for their SharePoint investments?

Each week I will put out another blog that shares our thoughts on why we see these areas of focus as critical for the upcoming year.  A key role that we play for our clients is to make sure they are getting the most leverage out of their investment in SharePoint.  With Microsoft’s move to the cloud and end user’s demand for mobile and social in the way they get work done, we see an incredible opportunity to help our clients. Let us know if you are focusing in on some of the same areas next year.  Cast your vote and see results from others…


I love to hear other perspectives on the ideas we present on our blog.  We welcome everyone into this conversation to affirm or challenge our ideas.  We look to innovate in the area of helping teams “Work Together Better” and that comes from putting your views out there and letting them be challenged and affirmed.  I look forward to the comments. Lastly, if you haven’t heard yet…we are bringing the Fab 40 to SharePoint 2013.  Let us know which templates are your favorite and sign up to be notified when they are released.

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