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You get to choose who you work with. At ThreeWill, we take your choice seriously. We strive to earn your trust daily by helping your employees experience a deep sense of satisfaction in their work as they collaborate with others toward a greater cause. And, like any other relationship, time spent together develops deeper trust and mutual understanding which leads to accomplishing more and better things together.

As a partner, ThreeWill builds a relationship with you by getting to know you, your culture, your business, and your technology. More specifically, Tim (or Caroline or Will or any of our consultants) creates a relationship with you and learns about your culture, business, and technology. We leverage this information and our relationship to create a better work experience for your employees. Technology, alone, does not solve the problem of helping organizations work together better, so it is important that we know more about your organization, the structure of your organization, and the people who make up your organization. The Microsoft 365 Cloud provides a great set of tools that, when applied appropriately, can help your organization achieve great things and contribute to employee satisfaction.

The ThreeWill Difference

Most anyone can help put a technology solution in place. But that is only a small part of achieving success. Defining clear expectations of what success looks like and measuring to ensure those expectations are achieved with the solution is very important. Providing clear communications and training as the solution is being deployed is key to achieving a solution that both engages and empowers your organization. These are both integral parts of each step of the Digital Employee Experience Roadmap outlined below. But we don’t stop there. ThreeWill works with your team to establish a Collaboration Contract or an agreement on how the solution can best be used to achieve the desired results. And if you want to be even more proactive in leveraging the Microsoft 365 platform to help your employees thrive, ThreeWill offers the Employee Experience Assurance.

Digital Employee Experience Roadmap

The Microsoft 365 Cloud can be overwhelming. There are a lot of tools that can accomplish any given task, so our goal as a partner is to help guide your organization down a predictable path to remove the frustration caused by uncertainty and decision fatigue. The screenshot below captures the roadmap that we propose.

While we suggest working first with your organization to get Microsoft Teams established as your primary collaboration tool, sometimes organizations are eager to roll out their Intranet first and we have certainly done this.

Collaboration Contract

One example of a non-technical piece of the puzzle we’ve been discussing with our partners is something we refer to as a Collaboration Contract. This is a contract where the people you work with decide how they will work together. Just as a family has agreements (where you keep the eating utensils, where you park in the driveway, where you store food in the pantry), organizations need to agree on certain things to make life easier. If you are a member of 50-100 Microsoft Teams, there needs to be a consistent naming convention to help you find the Team you are looking for and, once you find the Team, you should know how the channels and files are organized so you can find the document you are looking for. Based on the type of content you are looking for, you should know if you should look for this in your organization’s intranet or whether this content is stored in Teams. We’ve created this Collaboration Contract at ThreeWill and now we are facilitating this discussion with our partners to help them come up with the “contract” that is appropriate for them.

Employee Experience Assurance

The Microsoft 365 cloud is ever-evolving and we want to make sure you are getting the full benefit of your investment. Just as it is important to communicate and train when initially deploying a technology, it is also important to communicate and train people as new features are introduced to the platform. Monitoring for upcoming features to the platform and ensuring your organization is ready to get the full benefit of these changes is an important part of this service.

Keeping a pulse on employee satisfaction with the platform is also crucial as people have choices where they work and we want to create an environment that helps each employee find reward and satisfaction in contributing to the success of the company. Measuring this satisfaction on a regular basis and responding to this feedback is important to retaining your employees.

At times, we find there are gaps in the current platform and our customer’s requirements, so we have created a set of ThreeWill Optimizers to supplement the intelligent intranet experience. These optimizers enrich the employee experience by creating a greater sense of community and targeting and making relevant information more accessible.

Practical benefits of partnership

Beyond the specific benefits of our approach to helping your organization adopt and thrive in the Microsoft 365 cloud, there are some practical benefits that are equally important that result from working together in a close partnership. In working closely together, we have a deeper understanding of your business, which helps us be more collaborative and insightful when working on your business processes and flows. We will be able to offer suggestions and advice with both a consultant’s eye and from an end-user (employee) perspective since we know the systems and how they work together, making the result more effective and stronger. And because of our experience working with other customers, we can leverage best practices based on our accumulated experiences.

Choose ThreeWill

At ThreeWill, we care about your success…as an individual and as an organization. We want each person to thrive individually and to leverage their gifts collaboratively toward the success of the organization.

As your Microsoft 365 partner, we can guide you on your journey to enable, engage and empower each individual in your organization and your organization as a whole. We can lead you through each step of the roadmap to enable greater communication in your intelligent intranet, better engagement/collaboration using Microsoft Teams, and empower your citizen developers to automate the daily mundane tasks so they can use their time towards more meaningful work. And we can assure that your organization continues to get the greatest benefit out of the M365 platform by keeping your organization informed and trained as new features are released. Contact us today to discuss how ThreeWill can assist you as a trusted partner!


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