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Having a Hard Time Deciding?

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time researching before big decisions. The aim of this post is to help you with that process by curating the best resources for making the decision. Hopefully, it saves you some of your valuable time in the process of researching this topic of Workplace by Facebook vs Microsoft 365.

Resource 1 – Finances Online

The first resource is one from Finances Online – Reviews for Business. They created a comparison page with a unique twist. Algorithms.

This company uses a custom algorithm to develop what is called a “Smart Score.” The score is based on nine components that are key to evaluating each business solution. Make sure you click on the Smart Score heading if you want a further explanation of the ranking algorithm. They also use an algorithm to calculate a user experience score. In order to gather more transparent reviews, they gather user opinions across a wide range of social media. This is definitely a unique way to calculate satisfaction.

Within the conclusion of their page, they urge to find a solution that offers flexibility. They say it’s important to understand which systems are supported by Workplace by Facebook and Microsoft 365, then make a decision.

Workplace by Facebook vs Microsoft 365 comparison chart by Finances Online - Reviews for Business

Resource #2 – GetApp

Microsoft 365 vs Workplace by Facebook Comparison Chart is a chart put out by GetApp. It is a checklist that includes an overview, along with a variety of sections, to grasp a fuller understanding of each product’s offerings. This resource would be helpful for individuals who want a visual list of Workplace by Facebook vs Microsoft 365 features compared side to side. sections for comparison

Resource #3 – Facebook’s View

It’s also helpful to learn about the product from within their content. Obviously, they will most likely show information in favor of their product, but it is helpful to see what features they deem as important.

Here is Workplace by Facebook’s FAQ page. It provides a variety of information. It includes items relating to features and pricing, but also goes into the details with common user experience questions. The page has three subheadings: About Workplace, Privacy/Data, and Security. Also, if you like videos, there is an introductory video if you click on the “Why Workplace?” tab within the header.

Resource #4 – Microsoft’s View

On the other hand, take a look at a post from Microsoft’s website titled “Why businesses choose Microsoft 365 over Workplace by Facebook.” In this post, Microsoft states that Microsoft 365 has features that are better in terms of security, compliance, and time-saving ability. This guide is a one-page checklist for features. Looking at this list, it is clear that Workplace does not have the same features as Microsoft 365 does. Here is a list of features that Microsoft 365 has and Workplace does not:

Collaborative Capabilities:

  • Intranet and portals for internal communications, videos, and teams
  • Collaboration hubs that support work through modern chat
  • Business process support for document workflows, shift management, etc.
  • Project and task management tools to assign and track work

Enterprise Social Features

  • Built-in co-authoring tools to preview, edit, and comment in-app, browser, or rich client
  • Dynamic group membership for keep group members updated based on role, function, geography, etc.
  • Conversation tabs to filter new versus all conversations
  • Dedicated document library built-in for each group
  • Multiple attachments to social posts
  • Project planning tools built-in for each group

Security, Compliance, and Management

  • Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) extensions available to protect apps and devices
  • 99.9% financially-backed uptime SLA

What’s Your Conclusion?

After reviewing these resources, I hope you have a better feel for this topic. These two technologies each have benefits of their own. Maybe one is more right for the needs of your organization. Maybe both. We have recently had a podcast conversation about Migrating from Workplace by Facebook to Microsoft 365.  Check it out if you’d like to learn insights from the founders of ThreeWill.

And, please, leave a comment below if you’ve found more resources that have helped while researching the topic of Workplace by Facebook vs Microsoft 365.  Thanks!

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