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Cloud migration moves your company’s data, applications, IT resources, and other digital assets out of on-premise IT infrastructure or other third-party cloud systems to Microsoft 365’s modern workspace.

Having users on multiple platforms is expensive and hinders collaboration. A single, unified collaboration and communication system allows employees to access the information they need at any time, from anywhere, on any device. 

ThreeWill helps you realize your business objectives with customized data migration solutions. Our suite of utilities and processes have been developed and refined for over a decade to handle the migration of complex custom tools, applications, and environments.

migrate to the cloud

ThreeWill guides your migration through a comprehensive, three-step process:

Identify Your Destination with Cloud Migration
  • Identify Your Destination

    • Assess your current environment
    • Content inventory, rationalization, and mapping
    • Determine the optimal migration approach
    • Establish priorities and constraints for employees and other stakeholders

Cloud Migration Transformation
  • Transform Your Content

    • Prepare M365 tenant/content destinations
    • Define migration mappings
    • Retrieve, transform, and upload content to the destination environment
    • Verify and remediate the migration process

Success with Cloud Migrations
  • Drive Value Through Adoption

    • Develop user adoption and change management strategies
    • Encourage ongoing engagement
    • Provide training and support
    • Accelerate ROI payback

Google Workspace Transformations

Business Application Development - Enterprise Workflow Automation

If your company is still using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), your employees are missing out on a wide range of desktop applications integrations and features exclusive to Microsoft 365.

ThreeWill will help you transform, migrate, and modernize your digital estate in the Microsoft Cloud. Moving to a consolidated collaboration platform reduces your license costs, allowing you to redirect investments to focus on innovation and emerging technologies.

Jive Migrations

Stop paying double for collaboration because you have both Jive and Microsoft 365. Having one place to go to work together unifies the collaboration experience across your organization, consolidates resources, and enables productivity across multiple locations and devices.

Our team of experts has helped our clients move more than 10 million pieces of content from Jive to Microsoft 365. ThreeWill has dedicated thousands of development hours into building a suite of migration utilities and processes that helps organizations reduce costs and improve their employee experience in a modern, collaborative workspace.

Business Application Development - Call Center Knowledge Management

SharePoint Migrations

Business Application Development - Low Code Development

An outdated, unsupported environment leaves you with stale features and stagnated employee experiences. Migrating to Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Online ensures that your business has the best collaboration tools available, backed by tight integration with other Microsoft 365 features and capabilities.

As certified Microsoft 365 Consultants, we have hands-on experience with migrations of all sizes and complexities. This is why our clients trust ThreeWill deliver to timely and cost-efficient results with a continued focus on core business operations.

  • “We worked with ThreeWill on a Jive - Microsoft 365 migration for a multinational client. The migration involved multiple territories and languages and considerable complexity. ThreeWill demonstrated exceptional rigor in their process, whilst using agile to respond to constant challenges that emerged at various points during the evolution of the project. Their clear communication with the client about their process, progress, and options meant that there was always alignment between them and the client and no surprises. When they were asked to come up with options for meeting particular challenges, they had a transparent and consistent methodology which meant the client could make informed decisions. The technology solution itself resulted in an exceptionally high-quality outcome, delivered on time and within budget.”
    Alan Richardson
    Partner at Oxzeon
  • “I am confident in ThreeWill's ability to help me succeed. More than just successfully delivering on a project but ensuring that the design and implementation are the correct cultural fit. Other reasons: listening, assessing, recommending, listening, considering, adapting, implementing, and sustaining,”
    Christopher Elwell
    Director, Financial Services and Insurance Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us extend Trove to meet our customer's needs. They helped us avoid costs for an existing subscription by connecting up Salesforce with SharePoint. Working with Eric was great - I appreciated the status updates and the burndown chart for understanding our budget. I also enjoyed the weekly meetings to update me on the status of the project. I was able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year because of this project.”
    Ellen Hunt
    IT Business Partner, Retail and Consumer Goods Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us migrate from Jive to SharePoint. We were impressed with the methodology followed in the project. Standups and weekly reports were great communication. It was a particularly well-managed project - we had a highly committed team that met tight deadlines to make a year-end deadline. The project was under budget, and we were able to avoid an annual renewal fee that easily justified the project.”
    Dave James
    VP of Technology, Media and Entertainment Industry

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