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ThreeWill is on a mission to help 100,000 employees thrive by improving their digital collaboration, communication, and automation in the Microsoft Cloud.


Why Work With Us?

Journey With You

We know the journey to improve your organization’s employee experience can seem daunting. ThreeWill is committed to be your trusted guide every step of the way and take you down a path we know well that ends in success.

Depth of Knowledge

We know your business may not revolve around Microsoft technologies. ThreeWill has decades of experience helping organizations improve their employee experience using the right Microsoft technologies at the right time..

Measure Your Success

We know improving your organization’s employee experience takes an investment. ThreeWill measures how well our services are delivered and the impact they have on helping your employees thrive to make sure your investment is paying dividends.


Proven Process

ThreeWill’s Proven Process is a 7-step framework backed by our extensive experience. It informs everything we do and is the key to our ability to deliver high-quality results consistently. It provides a structured approach to project planning, execution, and management, ensuring transparency, risk mitigation, and client satisfaction. Our years of hands-on work have refined this process, making it a reliable framework for delivering solutions within timelines and budgets.

Are you curious about what employee disengagement is costing your organization?

Disengaged employees can have a negative impact on the company culture, which can affect employee morale and productivity. They may complain about their job or coworkers, create a negative work environment, and drag down team morale. This negative attitude can also be contagious, and other employees may start to feel the same way, leading to a culture clash that can further exaggerate other costs.

According to the 2019 Gallup report, the average US workforce consists of 17.2% actively disengaged employees; folks who are genuinely unhappy, unproductive, and likely to spread those attributes to others.

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“The ThreeWill team was very detailed throughout the entire project and very patient with us as we learned what SharePoint can do and how to use it. They reacted quickly to ad hoc requests and would make sure that we understood the effects of any changes that were requested.”


VP of Pricing And Customer Solutions, Other Industries


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