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Structured Logging

ASP.NET Core Structured Logging

Application Development /
Matthew Chestnut gets a lot of value from structured logging in his development projects. Check out how he utilizes the Early Initialization step.
Andrea Doria

COVID-19 Brings Project Teams ‘Closer’ Together

Modern Workplace /
COVID-19 is bringing everyone 'closer' together in a way I didn't expect. I've noticed some trends recently about remote work...
Automating Migrations Powershell

Automating Migrations With PowerShell (w/ Code)

Microsoft 365 Migrations /
Because most SharePoint migration vendors provide PowerShell cmdlets to perform migration functions, an automation migration can be developed...
Power Platform

The Process of Picking Up the Power Platform (Part 1)

Bruce Harple helps us understand the process of picking up the power platform. He goes through an app that he is making for employee engagement.
Beginner's Guide to Using the Classic Azure DevOps Build Process

Beginner’s Guide to Using the Classic Azure DevOps Build Process

Application Development /
During some recent modernization projects, Caroline was able to learn and develop a beginner's guide to using the classic Azure DevOps build process.
How ADKAR Principles Play A Part In Flattening The COVID-19 Pandemic Curve

How ADKAR Principles Play A Part In Flattening The COVID-19 Pandemic Curve

Learn How ADKAR Principles Play A Part In Flattening The COVID-19 Pandemic Curve: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement
Work from Anywhere

Transition from “Work From Home” into “Work From Anywhere”

Modern Workplace /
I am in the information worker industry. Working in this industry has developed a - work from anywhere - mentality. Let me explain why. 
Hidden Rows in Excel

Solving the Mystery of the Hidden Rows in Excel

I recently came across an issue of Hidden Rows in Excel.  I simply could NOT unhide certain rows! Here is my journey to find the solution.
SharePoint Page Breadcrumbs

Modern SharePoint Page Breadcrumbs Fix

Bo George gives us his take on a Modern SharePoint Page Breadcrumbs Fix. He has found that this is a missing feature from classic SharePoint.
SharePoint Online Migration API

SharePoint Online Migration API – Opening the Kimono

Microsoft 365 Migrations /
The following is Kirk Liemohn's, Transformation Practice Principal Consultant, deep dive into Microsoft’s SharePoint Import Migration API. 
Knowledge Sharing

Better Sharing is Better Caring – Knowledge Sharing for Developers

Developers are expected to move faster than ever and know more than ever. Let me help you with two tools that I have found helpful.
Legacy Fabric Styles

Using Legacy Fabric Style in New Microsoft SPFx Updates

Application Development, spfx /
You might have realized some styling changes/issues with your webpart if you're using a Legacy Fabric Style. We recently had to solve one of these issues.
pandemic response request workflow

How to Create a Pandemic Response Request Workflow for Facilities Access

Learn how ThreeWill created a pandemic response request workflow for facilities access using Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.
The Trick to Migrating List Parts on a Page With Custom Views With PnP

The Trick to Migrating List Parts on a Page With Custom Views With PnP

Has this ever happened to you? I had built a custom list with a custom view and I needed a trick for migrating List Parts on a page With Custom Views with PnP.
PnP Provisioning Engine vs Site Scripts

Should You Use PnP Provisioning Engine or Site Scripts?

Modern Workplace /
Will considers the best way to create a provisioning process for clients, for this blog post he considers PnP vs Site Designs.
How I Transitioned to Working From Home Every Day

How I Transitioned to Working From Home Every Day

A lot of us are on the journey of getting adapted to remote work; in this article, I explain how I transitioned to working from home every day.
Clearbox Reports Spread

SharePoint Intranet in a Box Market with Sam Marshall (2020 Update)

Get up to date information on the SharePoint Intranet in-a-Box market. Sam Marshall is CEO of ClearBox Consulting, creators of the infamous SharePoint Intranets in-a-box report.
Adapted to Remote Work

Is Your Organization Adapted to Remote Work? Open Letter from Tommy Ryan, CEO of ThreeWill

The COVID-19 pandemic has got us thinking about our journey of getting adapted to remote work and how we want to be a part of the solution.

To Implement Technology Changes Utilize ADKAR

ThreeWill Approach /
Change is about people. It's not easy for people to accept change, that's why Jeffrey Hiatt developed the ADKAR Strategy. Read to learn how to utilize this strategy.
Sort Money

Content Rationalization: How You Determine Which Content is Important

The topic is content rationalization. We talk about how you can get the most important and highest valued content into Microsoft Microsoft 365.

Key Highlights About ThreeWill

We help companies craft modern digital workplaces on the Microsoft Cloud.

  • We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft partners based on four independent surveys.
  • We have built over ten connectors for SharePoint for over twelve software firms including Atlassian, Jive, and Salesforce.
  • We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Application Development and Gold Collaboration & Content competencies.
  • We are a Salesforce Product Development Partner.
  • Established in 2001, we are based out of Alpharetta, Georgia (the Technology City of the South).
    All our consultants are Microsoft certified (many at the highest level), and each has an average of over ten years of Microsoft development and/or product development experience.
  • We have been a part of one of the largest enterprise implementations of SharePoint (over 250K users).
  • We have published books, articles, and have produced materials for Microsoft on technologies such as SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, Office Development, and InfoPath.
  • Our focus is not just technology, but also project management and effective and agile processes that ensure predictable results.

Partnerships are central to ThreeWill’s success. We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over fifteen years. We currently hold the Gold Application Development and Gold Collaboration & Content competency. We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft partners based on four independent surveys.

Our promise to our business sponsors:

1. Control – We provide the structure for our clients to control priority of features and budget throughout the lifetime of the project .

2. Choice – Because we deliver working software every two weeks, we earn our client’s business every two weeks.

3. Commitment – We take on your challenges like they are our own; you will not find another business partner more committed to your success.

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