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SharePoint Migration Accelerator

Maximizing Migration Throughput with the ThreeWill SharePoint Migration Accelerator

ThreeWill's SharePoint Migration Accelerator is an automated framework to facilitate the efficient migration of the data from the source to the target.
Resistance Assessment Questionnaire

Creating a Resistance Assessment Questionnaire in Microsoft 365

Kathleen Hugh introduces the steps to take when creating a resistance assessment questionnaire in Microsoft 365. Part 1 of 2.
Azure DevOps Release Process

How to Deploy SPPKG Files Using the Azure DevOps Release Process

Caroline Sosebee walks us through what we need to know about the Azure DevOps Release Process.
When Should You Modernize an Application?

When Should You Modernize an Application?

Learn when it's necessary to take your business-critical legacy application and modernize its infrastructure.
DevOps Build Process

Beginner’s Guide to Using the Classic Azure DevOps Build Process

During some recent modernization projects, Caroline was able to learn and develop a beginner's guide to using the classic Azure DevOps build process.
ADKAR Principles

How ADKAR Principles Play A Part In Flattening The COVID-19 Pandemic Curve

Learn How ADKAR Principles Play A Part In Flattening The COVID-19 Pandemic Curve: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement
Work from Anywhere

Transition from “Work From Home” into “Work From Anywhere”

I am in the information worker industry. Working in this industry has developed a - work from anywhere - mentality. Let me explain why. 
Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics Primer

This Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics Primer from Bob Morris helps you maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 Subscription.
Custom Microsoft Search Vertical

Custom Microsoft Search Vertical of Serverless Azure DB and the new SQL Graph Connector

Mike Homol covers as many new topics as you can handle in this post covering the Custom Microsoft Search Vertical of Serverless Azure DB and the new SQL Graph Connector
Logging During Development Projects

ASP.NET Core, How I Utilize Logging During Development Projects

Matthew Chestnut gets a lot of value from structured logging in his development projects. Check out how he utilizes the Early Initialization step.
'closer' together

COVID-19 Brings Project Teams ‘Closer’ Together

COVID-19 is bringing everyone 'closer' together in a way I didn't expect. I've noticed some trends recently about remote work...
automating migrations powershell

Automating Migrations With PowerShell (w/ Code)

Because most SharePoint migration vendors provide PowerShell cmdlets to perform migration functions, automating migrations can be possible.
Essential Microsoft 365 Migration Questions: When?

Essential Microsoft 365 Migration Questions: When?

Will Holland gives us his third essential questions to ask yourself when considering an Microsoft 365 Migration: When? in this multi part series.
Hidden Rows in Excel

Solving the Mystery of the Hidden Rows in Excel

I recently came across an issue of Hidden Rows in Excel.  I simply could NOT unhide certain rows! Here is my journey to find the solution.
SharePoint Page Breadcrumbs

Modern SharePoint Page Breadcrumbs Fix

Bo George gives us his take on a Modern SharePoint Page Breadcrumbs Fix. He has found that this is a missing feature from classic SharePoint.
SharePoint Online Migration API

SharePoint Online Migration API – Opening the Kimono

The following is Kirk Liemohn's, Transformation Practice Principal Consultant, deep dive into Microsoft’s SharePoint Import Migration API. 
Knowledge Sharing

Better Sharing is Better Caring – Knowledge Sharing for Developers

Developers are expected to move faster than ever and know more than ever. Let me help you with two tools that I have found helpful.
Legacy Fabric Styles

Using Legacy Fabric Style in New Microsoft SPFx Updates

You might have realized some styling changes/issues with your webpart if you're using a Legacy Fabric Style. We recently had to solve one of these issues.