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Why Choose a Career at ThreeWill?

At ThreeWill, we enjoy working with highly functional teams. We believe that this happens when you hire the best people and maintain a culture based on a core set of shared values.

We hope you are interested in joining ThreeWill, in part, because you share our core values, and because you want to provide quality service with high integrity to our clients. Although we share common values, we also look for unique individual values to help the company grow and to enrich our culture.

We believe that ThreeWill is a place where you can feel like you are a valuable part of the team and you can enjoy the work environment. Our people are critical to the success of ThreeWill. Our hope is that you will thrive in the ThreeWill culture and that you are proud of the place you work!

Find out what associates are saying about why they enjoy working at ThreeWill.

Working at ThreeWill

  • “I enjoy working at ThreeWill because of the level of trust and integrity that permeates throughout everything that is ThreeWill.  I really love working at ThreeWill for every single one of our values. From the freedom that comes with Free Will to the excitement that comes with our Passion….I feel like every person knows we are all part of something bigger than just ourselves.  Everyone is committed to working together to succeed and in sharing in those successes together.”

    Bo George, Principal Consultant
  • “One of the key reasons why I like working at ThreeWill is because of the passion we have to make our client’s succeed.  Everyone truly puts the client’s needs and problems first and works with them to come up with a solution.”

    Kirk Liemohn, Principal Software Engineer
  • “I like working at ThreeWill because I am given the opportunity to grow and the support to succeed.”

    William Holland, Senior Software Engineer
  • “I enjoy working with this group of dedicated professionals at ThreeWill who share their time and talent to make us all successful in providing solutions for our customers. Everyone takes pride in their work and are ready to jump in and help whenever they are asked.  The support I receive from our leadership gives me confidence to tackle any challenge I may face in the projects I work on.”

    Matthew Chestnut, Senior Consultant
  • “I like working at ThreeWill because of the service-oriented approach of our leadership team towards all team members.  Even though they are results-driven, they treat every team member with respect and view fostering success of each and every team member as a primary responsibility.”

    Bob Morris, Project Manager
  • Lane Goolsby

    “Working at ThreeWill is great because of the challenges that come on a daily basis. Each day brings some thing, sometimes many things, new. Stagnation is one of the greatest evils a technologist can allow themselves to suffer. The industry moves too fast to allow it. ThreeWill’s leadership team ensures that we all have ample opportunity to push ourselves into new areas, to push ourselves professionally, intellectually, and morally. And when we find ourselves overextended and staring into the abyss, we can rest assured knowing that the abyss will not stare back because of the strong bonds we as a team have.”

    Lane Goolsby, Senior Software Engineer
  • lisa martino

    “I am honored to work at ThreeWill and be a part of a team of developers with such drive and dedication. Everyone truly cares about creating a top notch product for their clients. I can honestly say that absolutely everyone at ThreeWill is an “A” player. I enjoy learning from and being part of an amazing team. I have known Danny and Tommy Ryan for many years. They exhibit integrity in everything they do, which makes me proud to be a part of their company. Working at ThreeWill provides me complete satisfaction in my job and has given me the opportunity to establish friendships with remarkable people.”

    Lisa Martino, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
  • eric bowden

    “I love being a ThreeWiller because I like to succeed, and I like to see my peers and our clients succeed. At ThreeWill, we approach our work with that win/win goal in mind, and we do so while holding ourselves accountable to our shared values. At the end of each day, I find that combination to be rewarding and inspiring.”

    Eric Bowden, Principal Consultant
  • “Working at ThreeWill is great because of the people. It is very rare to be around such brilliant people with such humble egos. Everyone is willing to take time out of their busy day to help out.”

    Blake Skinner, Senior Software Engineer
  • “I like working at a place where I have tremendous trust in the leadership due to their integrity.  Each person on the team realizes that their personal success is dependent upon the success of the team and works toward that end.”

    Tim Coalson, Senior Consultant

ThreeWill Associate Benefits

Full-time associates at ThreeWill are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Nine (9) Paid Holidays per Year
  • Competitive Salary with Career Development Plans
  • Bonus Potential
  • Paid Personal Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) – Five (5) Days per Year
  • Communications Allowance
  • Health Insurance (PPO)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • 401(K)

The following intangible benefits are offered to improve your working experience at ThreeWill:

  • Telecommuting
  • Minimal travel (many of our projects are with companies in the Atlanta area)
  • Casual dress code
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Positive work environment with team players
  • Latest software development tools and hardware
  • As much free coffee and tea that you can handle while in the office…
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