Inside ThreeWill Core Values

The heart of ThreeWill’s culture lies in our core values and serves as the foundation for our actions and guiding principles.

Better Together

“Better Together” is a value that emphasizes the power of collaboration, teamwork, and synergy. It acknowledges that when individuals come together and work collectively towards a common goal, they can achieve greater success and make a more significant impact than they could on their own.

In everyday operations and behaviors, the “Better Together” value surfaces through practices such as active listening, effective communication, and seeking input from different stakeholders. It encourages teams to value and respect diverse perspectives, encouraging healthy debates and discussions to arrive at the best possible solutions. Recognizing and appreciating individuals who embody the “Better Together” value can also motivate others to embrace and prioritize collaboration in their own work and result in beautiful music.

We value teamwork and believe that we work better together for a larger purpose. This value of “Better Together” applies to not only our internal team, it also applies to how we work with our clients, how our clients work together, and our partnerships.

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Extreme Ownership

“Extreme Ownership” is a core value that emphasizes taking full responsibility for one’s actions and outcomes. The concept is based on the idea that true leaders must accept complete ownership of their decisions and their team’s performance, regardless of the circumstances.

“Extreme Ownership” is essential because it establishes a culture of accountability, fosters trust and promotes growth. By taking complete ownership of their actions and outcomes, individuals and leaders create an environment where excuses and blame-shifting are minimized. This attitude empowers teams to learn from mistakes, adapt, and improve.

In everyday operations, “Extreme Ownership” drives a proactive mindset. It encourages individuals to take initiative, seek solutions, and communicate openly and honestly. It instills a sense of ownership in tasks, projects, and goals, motivating individuals to go above and beyond their responsibilities. When everyone in an organization embraces “Extreme Ownership,” it fosters a culture of accountability, where individuals trust each other to deliver results and work together to overcome challenges. This culture ultimately leads to higher performance, improved teamwork, and a greater sense of fulfillment and achievement.

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Choose Growth

The “Choose Growth” core value embodies the mindset of continuously seeking personal and professional development, embracing challenges, and learning from successes and failures. It is about actively pursuing growth opportunities and improving oneself, even in the face of obstacles.

The “Choose Growth” value is vital because it fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. When individuals embrace this value, they are more likely to approach challenges with resilience and creativity. By recognizing that failures are stepping stones to success and actively seeking growth opportunities, individuals and organizations can stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing circumstances.

The “Choose Growth” value encourages individuals to actively seek feedback, continuously learn, and take calculated risks. It fosters a mindset of curiosity, resilience, and adaptability, encouraging employees to explore new ideas, learn from mistakes, and contribute to a culture of growth and innovation within the organization.

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Humble Confidence

“Humble Confidence” is an essential core value to ThreeWill’s identity. Many associates demonstrate this core value when they accept what they don’t know, work hard to fill their knowledge gaps, listen with curiosity, and reframe their view from “me” to “we.” ThreeWill associates often celebrate together and are uncomfortable when singled out.

“Humble Confidence” is crucial because it allows individuals to strike a balance between recognizing their strengths and accomplishments while staying open to learning and growth. ThreeWill associates’ “Humble Confidence” empowers everyone they work with, creating a sense of psychological safety where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute their best ideas. This ultimately leads to increased innovation, better decision-making, and a more vital team dynamic.

“Humble Confidence” involves actively listening to other’s perspectives, valuing diverse viewpoints, and being open to feedback and new ideas. It also means acknowledging and taking ownership of one’s strengths and accomplishments, while recognizing the contributions of others. “Humble confidence” encourages collaboration, fosters a positive work culture, and enables individuals to lead effectively, inspiring and empowering those around them.

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