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The heart of ThreeWill’s culture is based on our four core values. We use these core values to guide all aspects of our business, including whom we hire, how we reward and recognize our employees, whom we choose to partner with, and whom we serve as clients. We know complimentary values build strong and rewarding relationships.

ThreeWill’s core values include:

  • Better Together
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Choose Growth
  • Humble Confidence

“Extreme Ownership” is a core value that emphasizes taking full responsibility for one’s actions and outcomes. The concept is based on the idea that true leaders must accept complete ownership of their decisions and their team’s performance, regardless of the circumstances. Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, exemplified the value of “Extreme Ownership”.

One story that demonstrates Truman’s commitment to “Extreme Ownership” is his famous phrase, “The buck stops here.” This phrase was displayed on a sign placed on Truman’s desk in the Oval Office, indicating that he ultimately took responsibility for all decisions and outcomes of his presidency. By using this phrase, Truman conveyed that he would not pass on the responsibility or blame to others but instead accepted the burden and consequences of his actions.

There are many examples of this here at ThreeWill. One specific example is Kirk Liemohn’s “Extreme Ownership” of Jive migrations to Microsoft SharePoint Online. He has significantly contributed to how Jive migrations are marketed, explained, estimated, sold, organized, delivered, documented, and improved. Kirk understands the importance of this service offering to our clients and truly owns the responsibility to make these migrations successful.

“Extreme Ownership” is essential because it establishes a culture of accountability, fosters trust and promotes growth. By taking complete ownership of their actions and outcomes, individuals and leaders create an environment where excuses and blame-shifting are minimized. This attitude empowers teams to learn from mistakes, adapt, and improve.

Blame-shifting, finger-pointing, and a lack of accountability are all examples of what can happen without “Extreme Ownership.” In organizations where “Extreme Ownership” is absent, individuals may be more inclined to deflect responsibility, make excuses, or avoid taking ownership of their actions and decisions. This behavior not only hampers personal and professional growth but also undermines teamwork, trust, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

An analogy that can be used to understand “Extreme Ownership” is that of a ship captain. Just as a ship captain assumes complete responsibility for the safety, performance, and outcomes of their vessel and crew, leaders who embody “Extreme Ownership” take full responsibility for their team’s success and failure. Like a captain navigating challenging waters, they adapt, make critical decisions, and remain accountable for the ship’s course. This analogy helps visualize the concept of “Extreme Ownership” and its importance in guiding leaders’ actions.

In everyday operations, “Extreme Ownership” drives a proactive mindset. It encourages individuals to take initiative, seek solutions, and communicate openly and honestly. It instills a sense of ownership in tasks, projects, and goals, motivating individuals to go above and beyond their responsibilities. When everyone in an organization embraces “Extreme Ownership,” it fosters a culture of accountability, where individuals trust each other to deliver results and work together to overcome challenges. This culture ultimately leads to higher performance, improved teamwork, and a greater sense of fulfillment and achievement.



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