Tommy Ryan

Tommy serves as the President at ThreeWill. In this role, he works with his leadership team to hire the best people, find the right business opportunities, and ensure that ThreeWill delivers for our clients on projects.

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More About Tommy

Tommy started his career in 1992 as process engineer manufacturing GORE-TEX for the consumer fabrics division of W.L. Gore and Associates.  While at Gore, he enjoyed commissioning process control systems and taking trips to the Pacific Northwest to perform field tests on GORE-TEX jackets.  Not only did he learn about complex technology systems at Gore, he more importantly learned about what creates a healthy company culture.  Gore consistently makes the Fortune “100 best companies to work for.”  Tommy has brought to ThreeWill some of the key principles that made Gore’s culture successful.

Ten years before starting ThreeWill, Tommy had a shared dream of starting a technology services company with his brother and business partner, Danny.  Through many cups of coffee and walks, they turned this dream into a reality.  Tommy never imagined being the president of a company like ThreeWill, but is fulfilled by creating an environment that allows people in his organization to follow their passions.

Tommy holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University. Tommy and his wife Linda enjoy any time they can get with their three adult children.  They also serve their local community by providing organic produce from their 5,000 square foot Market Garden on their property.  Don’t be surprised if you see Tommy with a bag of sungold tomatoes in tow in the next meeting you have with him!