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In today’s digital age, the concept of an Intelligent Intranet has evolved. It’s gone beyond being just a repository for documents and information. For employees, current and future, your organization’s intranet is emblematic of your organization’s values and commitment to their experience. And, while we’ve always been taught to never judge a book by its cover, everyone judges regardless. For intranets, that judging starts with its name. So, in this article, we’ll discuss what your intranet name says about your culture.

ThreeWill has been delivering intelligent intranets for a long time, both big and small. We have strong opinions on what makes for an engaging and compelling intranet. In our Intelligent Intranet service offering, there’s always a session or two around theming, naming, and branding of your intranet. To help illustrate what an intranet’s name is saying about a company’s culture, I’ve shared some real-world examples. Let’s look at each and see what they signify for the organizations they serve.


“The Lot” – Fostering Familial Culture and Transparency

Our first example is a current customer that manages major metropolitan parking lots throughout the country. Their choice of “The Lot” as their intranet name speaks volumes about their organizational culture. As a company managing parking lots, they understand the importance of creating a sense of community among their employees. By naming their intranet “The Lot,” they not only pay homage to their core business but also emphasize the familial atmosphere they aim to cultivate within their organization.

Key Principle: Transparent and Open

“The Lot” suggests an inclusive environment where information flows freely, mirroring the transparency essential for effective communication and collaboration.


Connect: Serving Communities and Promoting Collaboration

Our next intranet to break down was built for a wonderful organization that works to provide high quality mental health services for individuals. With that in mind, their intranet name, “Connect,” embodies their mission to serve communities and individuals in need. By choosing this name, they emphasize the role of their intranet as a central hub for connecting employees, departments, and resources.

Key Principle: Constant Change

“Connect” implies a dynamic platform that evolves to meet the changing needs of the organization and its constituents, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of intelligent intranets.


The Forge: Building a Unified Vision and Single Source of Truth

Next up is a manufacturing organization that has a heavy focus on high-quality HVAC machines and devices for commercial properties. Their intranet name, “The Forge,” suggests a place of creation and innovation. It symbolizes their commitment to forging a unified vision and serving as a single source of truth for their employees.

Key Principle: Single Source of Truth

“The Forge” represents a platform where employees can rely on accurate and authoritative content, aligning with the principle of establishing trust and credibility within an organization.

Embracing Culture and Core Values

In addition to the qualities outlined above, a great intranet should also serve as a platform for reinforcing an organization’s culture and core values. Whether it’s through the choice of name, the design elements, or the content shared, intranets play a crucial role in amplifying and perpetuating the essence of what makes an organization unique.

In conclusion, the recent intranet names covered above demonstrate how Intelligent Intranets embody transparency, collaboration, innovation, and cultural alignment. By leveraging these principles and integrating them into their intranet strategies, organizations can unlock the full potential of their digital workplace, driving productivity, engagement, and success.


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