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I’ve used Microsoft Teams for a long time, but I just noticed a useful new feature. This feature has helped me when sharing windows in a Microsoft Teams Meeting and I wanted to share with you.

The Old Way of Sharing

Recently, I set up a large monitor that I prefer to share from. However, I realize that others in the meeting may not have a large monitor. They might not be able to see a screen that is four times the size of a normal monitor. So, I would just share a window (#3 in the above picture).

Unfortunately, I had to scroll through dozens of open apps, which were not in any discernible order.

As you can tell from the image to the right, I always have a lot of windows open on my machine. Trying to pick out the correct one isn’t easy and takes time.

While doable, this caused some personal anxiety for me during client meetings as I frantically searched for the correct window. The other option, closing all of my apps, means I end up losing even more time. Between closing them all and, later, reopening them takes time I can’t afford to lose.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered a new way of sharing.

The New Way of Sharing

The new feature I noticed, which is only available for Windows 11, is that I can hover over apps in the Windows taskbar and pick a window to share straight from there. I did discover that this feature has been out for a few years, so perhaps it’s only new to me.

New or not, this feature saves me a lot of time and discomfort. OK. Maybe it’s only 15 seconds, but that feels like an eternity when others are waiting for you to start sharing your screen. After clicking “Share this window,” you get an option to Share or Cancel.

Then, you can stop sharing the way you always have or stop sharing from this same new mechanism (or just start sharing another window).


Sharing is Caring

Sometimes it’s the little things in life. I really like this new feature. It’s improved my experience while sharing windows in a Microsoft Teams meeting. In turn, that has led me to having more confidence while sharing and better meetings overall.

Have you been using this feature? Let me know in the comments if you agree!


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