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In today’s world, every small business leader understands the need to “do more with less”. Less employees. Less time. More headaches.  A daunting, often annoying, phrase that we’ve all had to deal with. Technology news and marketing, as always, is a buzz with promises to help you accomplish the seemingly impossible. Microsoft is chief among those promoting their Microsoft 365 platform as the best solution to helping do more with less. While that opinion is one we share, we also understand that their solution requires an expertise that takes years to master, and time is a luxury that small business simply cannot afford. Instead, leaders must spend time choosing the right Microsoft 365 partner for their small business.

Many associate the term “partner” with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that handles support, licensing issues, and tickets. However, while MSPs and the Microsoft partners who provide it can offer great assistance and value to your organization, they often only help with technology issues. If they do offer educational support, it’s basic training at best. One-size fits all end-user training that doesn’t address any of the nuances and complexities of your business.

So, when you are choosing the right Microsoft 365 partner for small business, what should you be looking for? In our opinion, the most important quality you should consider is that you need a partner who is willing to journey with you.

What does Journey With You mean?

Journey With You simply means that your partner is looking to grow with you. To explore your business, your employees, and the needs of both. To use that knowledge to help guide you towards the solutions that are of the most benefit. Their goal should be to gain enough understanding of your work and culture that it shapes their recommendations, instead of their products and service.

Why We Want to Journey With You

At ThreeWill, we believe that we have three unique qualities that set us apart from others: “Depth of Knowledge”, “Journey With You”, and “Measure Your Success.” We often just refer to these as our “uniques”.

If you have ever worked with ThreeWill, Depth of Knowledge & Measure Your Success won’t surprise you.  However, we do get asked what our Journey With You unique”\ is all about and why we felt the need to call it out.

We have always viewed our relationship with clients as that of a partner. Project-after-project, our time spent with each partner has allowed us to gain new and increasingly more valuable insights into their organization, their business, and their employee’s needs.

Projects end, however, and knowing that our partners could still use help has always been a source of frustration for us. Frustration stemming from our desire (and ability) to help the people we care about being restrained because of scope (or budget) limitations.

This was such a common experience shared amongst our consultants, and even our partners, that we began our own journey that has led us to where we are today, and why we actively seek out new partners who enjoy the journey as much as we do.

How We Journey With You

To help alleviate feelings of frustration, and to better serve our partners, we’ve created a Managed Services practice where we put more structure around your Journey.  This is illustrated in our Proven Process during the Thrive Cycle.

We have two types of Managed Services:

  • Community Management
  • Application Management

These are very similar.  In both cases you have an assigned Community/Application Manager that meets regularly with your core team.  For Community Management, this typically follows one of our core services offerings (Teams Enablement and Intelligent Intranets).  For Application Management, this typically occurs after we build an application for you.

In either case, the goal is the same: to maximize the value of your investment.  The path you take depends on the circumstance and your needs. It could involve rolling out your intranet, helping you with Microsoft Teams, or running “Ask Me Anything” calls. It may require applying simple automation to a manual process, making feature updates to an application, and/or performing health checks on your applications.


Measuring Success

Our third unique is Measure Your Success and, as part of the Journey, we want to put value front and center. Elevating value helps the team to focus on what matters most to you. Each month, we report on the value that we provide and are constantly looking for ways to improve our calculations. Excited about the feedback we receive, we know regular conversations on value is important to helping our clients succeed.

This value report shows some of those measurements, but we also measure things like Teams adoption, application health metrics, Ask Me Anything attendance and engagement.  We feel that you can’t know you are doing well unless you measure it.


We want to be more than just a vendor or service provider.  We want to be your partner. This requires going on a journey with you and having an intentional focus on delivering value on a regular basis. This is value that you, the client, have a hand in defining.  We want to know what is valuable to you and realize that this may differ from client to client. Whether you choose us or not, be sure that your partner is one who wants to take that journey with you.

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