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Our mission at ThreeWill is to help employees thrive by improving their digital collaboration, communication, and automation in the Microsoft Cloud. We want employees to feel connected to their co-workers and company and find satisfaction in the work they perform. We want to reduce the repeatable, mundane tasks so people can focus their energies on tasks that are fulfilling and valuable to the organization. So, how do we do this?

We have designed three primary service offerings to help your organization thrive in communication, collaboration, and in reducing repeatable and mundane tasks.

These services are:

  • Intelligent Intranet
  • Teams Enablement
  • Microsoft Power Platform

Let’s take a look at each service offering to understand the benefits.

Intelligent Intranet

It’s important to feel connected. People need to understand the mission of the company and how they contribute to the fulfillment of that mission. We all want to make a difference.

An intranet is one of the ways we can help employees feel connected by keeping them informed. Communications from leadership, access to important HR information, reinforcement of company mission and values, easy access to frequently asked questions (FAQ), and self-service requests are just a few examples of the important information that should be communicated via your company intranet.

Employee recognition for accomplishments both within business and even outside of business helps to build a connected organization. Communication and pictures from company events, a calendar of company events and holidays…just very practical things that people need to know. And the more pictures the better. Pictures paint a thousand words and provide an engaging experience.

Teams Enablement

Collaboration is integral to accomplishing anything of value. 1+1=3. And Microsoft Teams is a great tool to enable collaboration. Yet many companies don’t collaborate well despite having good tools. The good news is that good collaboration is possible with just a little bit of organization.

Just like every family agrees to a place at their home to store the vacuum so anyone can find it when needed, information and documents need to be organized in a way that everyone knows where to store information and where to look for it when it is needed. At ThreeWill, we refer to this as a “collaboration contract”. We decide as an organization how we will use Teams and we develop naming conventions and other standard practices to enhance collaboration.

As part of our Teams Enablement service, we work with a core team of individuals in your organization to vet out the proper Teams and Channels that make sense in your organization. And we work with some of those key teams to agree on how they can best work together using the tools that are available in Microsoft Teams. Standard naming conventions for Teams and Channels and standard folder structures in the Files tab are just some of the foundational organizations that we establish together. But these simple things make all the difference. Say goodbye to the days of spending excessive time looking for documents or information and turn your attention and energies to collaborating with others to further innovate.

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is many things. It’s an easy-to-use interface that allows people to access and store important information and report on that data in engaging ways. It’s a workflow that runs in the background to orchestrate an approval process when a new account is requested. And it seamlessly integrates with your Intelligent Intranet and Microsoft Teams.

For example, a new account request form can be hosted in your Intelligent Intranet on your IT site. When the form is submitted, a workflow can be triggered that creates one to many tasks that are associated with the creation of a new account.

Inside the IT Team, a Power App form displays all account requests and allows the IT team to track these requests through to completion. Any collaboration necessary amongst the members of the IT team to accomplish this task takes place in the secured Microsoft Team. Chats with individuals, posts or questions to the entire team, meetings, and meeting recordings are all hosted in a single location, Microsoft Teams, to facilitate quick resolution of tasks assigned to the IT team.

Journeying With You

We’ve heard from our customers that they’ve often felt abandoned by vendors when a new project is complete. The vendor has their money, and they are off chasing the next deal.

At ThreeWill, we take pride in not only doing a great job in delivering our initial service offerings but also in staying around to evolve and further integrate those services to be even more valuable.

It is our desire for employees to thrive, so we continue to journey with each organization to maximize the value of their investment in the Microsoft cloud and our services. Three months of our Community Management and Application Management service offerings are included with each of our primary service offerings. We want the opportunity to prove our value, and, if you find these services as valuable as we think you will within those first three months, you can choose for us to journey with you indefinitely.

We will continue to work closely with your business to leverage new features being developed and released by Microsoft in the Microsoft Cloud. In close partnership with your company, we can anticipate and suggest enhancements to your Intelligent Intranet or your Power Platform applications that will give you competitive advantages and efficiencies over our competition. Ideas for new enhancements or updates are tracked on a digital dashboard, and we meet regularly to review these items and decide what to do next.

Let us help you thrive

We all want to thrive. We all want to make a positive difference. At ThreeWill, we want to help people and organizations thrive. And we believe we can help you leverage your investment in the Microsoft Cloud to make that happen. Let us help your employees thrive by improving their digital collaboration, communication, and automation in the Microsoft Cloud. I think you will find it will be a win-win.


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