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SharePoint Migration Accelerator

Maximizing Migration Throughput with the ThreeWill SharePoint Migration Accelerator

ThreeWill's SharePoint Migration Accelerator is an automated framework to facilitate the efficient migration of the data from the source to the target.
Resistance Assessment Questionnaire

Creating a Resistance Assessment Questionnaire in Microsoft 365

Kathleen Hugh introduces the steps to take when creating a resistance assessment questionnaire in Microsoft 365. Part 1 of 2.
power platform

The Process of Picking Up the Power Platform (Part 1)

Bruce Harple helps us understand the process of picking up the power platform. He goes through an app that he is making for employee engagement.
pandemic response request workflow

How to Create a Pandemic Response Request Workflow for Facilities Access

Learn how ThreeWill created a pandemic response request workflow for facilities access using Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.
crisis communication power platform

MICROSOFT: Crisis Communication: a Power Platform template

The Microsoft Power Apps team is working to put together a crisis management solution leveraging Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams, and SharePoint.
merge excel table

How to Merge Excel Table Data Using Microsoft Flow

Bob Morris uses Microsoft Flow to merge Excel table data together to make his life easier each week when managing resource plans.
Deploy SharePoint Approval Workflows

Deploy SharePoint Approval Workflows

Perry Kankam shares another way you to deploy SharePoint approval workflows using SharePoint Designer.
Remove-PnPListItem vs Remove-PnPFile

Why Use Remove-PnPListItem vs Remove-PnPFile?

Will Holland points out why you should use Remove-PnPListItem vs Remove-PnPFile...
Trove update

Fix for Trove Client Secret Expired

For companies still using Trove (an integration between Salesforce and SharePoint), we have some details on how to update the Client Secret and continue to use Trove.
Microsoft Flow

How to Convert Strings to DateTime Data Types in Microsoft Flow

Rob Horton shows how to convert strings to DateTime data types using Microsoft Flow to prepare to do some reports for his practice area.
Powershell scripting

Using PowerShell to Fix Custom Search Pages in SharePoint Online

Matthew Chestnut describes how he fixed up some custom search pages after they were not migrated correctly. Learn about his approach and check out the code.

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing with Bob Meads

Danny and Tommy Ryan sit down with Bob Meads and talk about Augmented Reality and what else is coming in future years and why Bob is excited about it...
real world

Managing Work Items with the Excel Add-In Primer

Bob Morris shares tips on getting started with the Office Integration with TFS/VSTS. Learn more about managing work items in this primer.
testing mobile apps

Top Challenges when Testing Mobile Features for Web Apps

Brandon Holloway shares challenges that he has run into when testing mobile features for a web app that initially designed for the desktop.
How to Get Nintex Workflow to Work with the 'Modern' SharePoint List

How to Get Nintex Workflow to Work with the ‘Modern’ SharePoint List

Will Holland shares a recent experience he had when using Nintex workflows with the modern SharePoint user experience.
favorite collaboration platform

POLL: What’s Your Favorite Collaborative Software Platform?

We're taking an informal poll to learn more about which Collaboration Software Platform is your favorite...vote and review results...
plan for mobile

Plan for Mobile When Creating an Award-Winning SharePoint Intranet

Read this excerpt from "Creating an Award-Winning SharePoint Intranet" white paper. This covers the fourth step that you should take.
retaining authorship

Migrating a Document Library and Retaining Authorship Information

Caroline Sosebee shares a killer script to help you migrate a SharePoint 2010 document library to SharePoint 2013 while retaining authorship information.