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Here at ThreeWill we are “all in” on Power Apps and Power Automate. I have a particular affinity towards Power Automate. Something about having an automated process without having to lift a finger piques my interest.

When talking about the Power Platform with others, I usually like to focus on how it saves time. With a little effort upfront, it can take tedious tasks and do them for you giving you time back in your day to focus on more important things.

However, I think we sometimes overlook other benefits of automation. It can do things for you (without forgetting to do them) and it can do them consistently.

For example, I am in charge of a status report for a team of consultants, and I need to get their regular feedback on their accomplishments for the week. We have a Team for our group, so I would simply start a conversation soliciting their feedback. They provide their feedback and I incorporate it into the status report. This breaks down if I forgot to make the post.

We’re human. We forget things. It happens to me even when I create reminders in my calendar. I get caught up in work and sometimes I forget to do a task or do it too late, even if it could have been done quickly.

After posting my message late last week, I knew I had to take action. It took me about 15 minutes to write a simple flow to post a message to my Team. It would have been quicker, but I researched how to @mention a tag in Teams to make sure my team members were notified (something I had never done in a Flow before).

Did I save time doing this? I suppose so, but it will take a few weeks for me to have a return on my investment since it only takes a minute to make the post each week.

In this case, the real benefit is that I will consistently get this post created without forgetting. It will even happen when I am on vacation! Now I can relax on the beach with my cocktail knowing that Power Automate has my back 😊.

Hopefully, this gives you ideas on how a little automation can help you be more effective at your job.


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