mike homol

Mike Homol Principal Consultant

Mike is a Principal Consultant for ThreeWill. He has a passion for solving problems, most notably through products or platforms. He has almost 20 years of experience in product development and leadership, using the latest and greatest technologies, including open source technologies.

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Mike enjoys learning, teaching, and creating solutions that truly meet a customer’s needs. Thanks to his long history in consulting services and product development, no technology is off-limits. He enjoys being a player-coach style manager – mentoring teams across all of the layers of the stack but also finding opportunities to add value in the delivery of that stack. He has been fortunate to be a part and oversee the building of all manners of applications and solutions: APIs, mobile apps, enterprise platforms and portals, B2C and B2B content management sites, custom services and numerous workflows and 3rd-party integrations.


Sr. Director of Product Development

Mike oversaw the development of some innovative products, most notably Petlocity – a loyalty app and platform for veterinary hospitals.

  • Worked within all aspects of the process and the layers of development and delivery.
  • Along with the product manager, Mike helped organize release planning and the road map, as well as sprint planning and resource allocation.
  • Collaborated with an experienced development team to envision the proper architecture behind new features, many of which involve changes/additions to the platform and its many layers.
  • Helped maintain consistency within that architecture, including the enforcement of documentation.
  • Had a direct impact on the UX/UI of the mobile apps and websites, by evaluating customer feedback, support issues and working with UX professionals in order to continue to evolve that UX.
  • Mentored/guided his team members across the spectrum of the stack: design/development of the mobile apps, website front-end, database design and architecture, 3rd-party integrations and all of the moving parts of our platform, which largely takes advantage of numerous Azure services, like Service Bus and Notification Hub.
  • Managed most of the necessary reporting that needs to occur for displaying the health and the ROI to customers of the products and platforms.
  • Managed an extremely talented marketing development team, which primarily focused on the development and delivery of beautifully designed and user-driven websites.
    • These websites would vary in scope from brochure style sites, with primary CTAs to collect leads, to larger member portals, with custom workflows and integrations and multiple activities for logged-in members.
    • While the primary mode of development of those websites over the years was WordPress, the team had also built sites in ASP .Net, integrating into rebates and rewards APIs.
  • Employed deep knowledge of building APIs and API integration, of which Mike was a key architect and advocate. Over the years, his team built sites, services, and apps in a variety of technologies, changing with the ever-evolving landscape of available technologies. One of Mike’s key responsibilities was staying abreast of these technologies and guiding the team towards them.

Product Manager

As a Product Owner, Mike established and maintained product roadmaps and product backlogs. As a jack-of-many-trades, Mike supported both the architecture and the development of these same products. He worked hand-in-hand with project managers during release and sprint planning, as well as ensuring that we’re on track, using solid Agile processes. Worked alongside partners, like Plantronics, to determine new integration paths.

  • Popcorn
    Oversaw and participated in the entire Software Development Life Cycle, including requirements gathering, UX/UI concepts, overseeing the design, architecting the system, development, and support. Popcorn is a product that provides sales and call support by gathering information from Salesforce, Evernote, LinkedIn and Microsoft 365. The web app also communicates with companion mobile apps on both Android and iOS, in order to make calls and gather contextual information across all sources for incoming calls. Lead developer of the single page web application, built on MVC .Net and WebAPI, backed by SQL Server and a code-first entity framework. The single-page app was constructed with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Knockout. Planned and setup Azure Cloud Services, as well as Azure SQL servers, along with custom deployment configurations. Lead developer of the Android application. Backup developer of the iOS application. Engineered the underlying OAuth system, which catalogs tokens for Popcorn users and leverages them throughout the experience via the Popcorn API.
  • ThreeWill Labs
    As a starting member of the ThreeWill Labs initiative, charged with anticipating clients’ needs and proactively identifying innovative approaches to meet those needs. Researched best practices and techniques, largely focused on web front-end technologies and techniques. Initial endeavors focused on SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft 365, structured around the different Sharepoint App Models. Major technologies used include HTML5, Javascript, Knockout.js, and Angular.js.

Interactive Director

Mike facilitated the implementation of whatever technology was necessary to complete a creative vision for a customer. In marketing, the volume is high and the breadth of technologies is large. I envisioned and managed anything from a standard HTML/ASP.Net site with jQuery/AJAX or even Flash, to a Sharepoint-powered or DotNetNuke-powered Content Management System; from custom-built .Net applications to sharp-skinned Adobe Flex applications. I oversaw the completion of websites and applications alike, many done in totally different technologies.

Notable Engagements/Solutions:

  • Brown Bag Rebate and Rewards Platform and API
    • Envisioned and architected platform and services suite that facilitates the major business functions performed for various clients.
    • Platform is built upon a common data repository, which was the evolution of numerous rebate engines, in SQL Server 2008 using the Entity Framework 4.0.
    • Any client can bring online a product and a program, which can then make use of the common repository. Each program is also linked to a workflow.
    • The core processing engine of the platform executes all workflows at the time that they need to be called. This allows for any number of custom business activities while still leveraging the common data repository. The engine and all workflows/activities are built using the Workflow Foundation 4.0. Out of this came a suite of common and reusable activities as well as baseline/default workflows.
    • The core reporting and program management tool is Sharepoint 2010, making use of the Telerik Controls.
    • WCF Services and WCF Workflow services are the key means in which data is initially fed and also retrieved from the system. Current user interfaces are other .Net web sites, Sharepoint sites, and iPhone apps.
    • Key clients currently using this platform: Pfizer Animal Health and Merck Animal Health
  • Pfizer Animal Health
    • Coordinated the design/setup/layout/content/deployment of the CERENIA.com Sharepoint 2007 site. Lead developer role on the site for all custom web parts.
    • Team Lead and Head Developer for Feline Revolution Microsite, an MVC 3.5 web application leveraging Razor, jQuery, AJAX and services to capture pet owner data and initiate rebates into the BBM Rewards Platform API.

Architect/Lead Developer

Key Responsibilities/Functions:

Designed and developed 2 major products sold by NSE as well as consulted at Stratix:

  • Product: eSENSE Visualizers (Work with business data in Sharepoint. Graphically display and update business information from multiple external sources such as CRM, ERP, HR or Financial systems – directly onto SharePoint pages in both 2003 and 2007.)
    • Handled most major design decisions for the product, including the tiered architecture, the protocols used, the code infrastructure and the database structure. Core technologies used were C#.Net, .Net web services, and remoting services, Sharepoint web parts, SQL Server 2005.
    • Developed the core engine to process data from disparate data sources and format the data to be presented in Sharepoint.
    • Developed web services and remoting hosts to manage the gathering and transference of the data between the data layer and Sharepoint.
    • Developed all of the web parts that managed various ways of displaying the data, including grids, charts, forms, pairs and xml transformable by XSLT
    • Developed .Net Workflow applications to be called via web services.
    • Developed Windows client application to allow for quickly setting up data connections and entities of data to be called in Sharepoint web parts.
  • Product: SP Manager (Sharepoint 2003/2007 Backup/Restore Utility)
    • Developed the windows application that interfaced with Sharepoint 2003, scheduling and managing point-to-point backups and restores of sites and any data chosen. This product was eventually sold to EMC and rebranding as EMC Sharepoint Backup and Restore


B.S. Applied Science, Systems Analysis, Miami University, Oxford, OH


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Certified SCRUM Master


Programming Languages:

TypeScript, JSX, C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, XAML, SQL, MVC Razor, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 6.0, XML, ActionScript, Flex, Java, Objective-C

Key Frameworks and Foundations:

.Net Core 2.0/3.0, React, Angular, AngularJS, PowerShell, SPFx development, PnP Provisioning, WebJobs, .Net Framework 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, Windows SharePoint Services 2003/2007, Sharepoint Foundation 2010, Silverlight 2+, DotNetNuke 4/5/6, jQuery 1.3+, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Framework, Workflow Foundation, MVC 3.5, MS Office Business Applications, Windows Compact Framework, .Net Web Services, .Net Compact Framework, .Net Workflow, LINQ, Telerik and Kendo Controls

Database Platforms:

MySQL, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2019, Oracle, MS Access

Important Server/Cloud Platforms, Applications, and IDEs:

Docker, Azure Platform, Azure Functions, Azure Table Storage, Azure Service Bus, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure VM Provisioning, Sharepoint Online, 365 PowerApps, 365 Power Platform, AWS Platform, AWS EC2 provisioning, Xamarin Development, MOSS 2007/2010 Enterprise/Standard, DotNetNuke 4/5/6, IIS 6/7, Sharepoint Designer 2007/2010, MS Office 2003/2007/2010, Adobe Content Viewer, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, InfoPath 2007, Flex, eCrowds, Photoshop 6+, BizTalk Server 2003, Commerce Server 2003, MS Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, MS Expression Studio 3/4, SalesForce, MS Team Foundation Server


Software Development Lifecycle, Object Oriented Programming, Agile DevelopmentDesign Patterns, Extreme Programming, Software Configuration Management