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Client Profile

Global analytical instrumentation development and manufacturing company that offers its products and services to markets worldwide.


The company needed to transform from the Jive communication and collaboration platform to the Microsoft 365 Employee Experience Platform. The ThreeWill project team understood this requirement and designed and configured a new employee experience in Microsoft 365, followed by a Jive content migration to M365 along with a comprehensive plan for adoption and change management in support of the new employee experience solution.


ThreeWill worked with the client team to start with a Discovery, Design, and Configuration phase to ensure they had the right Information Architecture, M365 Architecture, and exceptional UX to support an enhanced employee experience in Microsoft 365. This includes a series of workshops with business and IT users to understand core employee experience Use Cases and to develop Proof of Concepts in M365 to demonstrate the user experience for these Use Cases in Microsoft 365. This resulted in a new employee experience solution in M365, with the appropriate governance and provisioning best practices put in place.

Business Benefits

​This resulted in an enhanced employee experience design and implementation on the Microsoft 365 platform. This also resulted in the final approval from leadership to launch the content migration from Jive to M365 and to launch the new employee experience solution. Completing the final migration and content from Jive will result in significant cost savings by eliminating the annual Jive subscription.

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