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Client Profile

JCDecaux’s network of outdoor advertising displays is one of the largest in the global media industry. Every day, JCDecaux reaches more than 410 million people on the planet. As audiences and communication channels become more fragmented, JCDecaux stands out for its ability to combine mass media and targeted solutions. JCDecaux owes its distinctiveness to its presence in cities, transport systems, and major thoroughfares. With the global population becoming increasingly urban and mobile, their solutions become more effective with each passing year. They are now one of the most influential media networks on the global level, and one of the most flexible on the local level. To learn more about JCDecaux, visit


JCDecaux’s technology team was seeing increased interest in various departments and business units throughout the enterprise to leverage the Microsoft Power Platform as a low code-no code option for quickly and efficiently building applications, workflows, and reports to support rapidly evolving business needs. The result was a growing population of department-level citizen developers creating business applications.

This created both direct and indirect challenges for the corporate technology organization including how to minimize a growing “Shadow IT” movement attempting to provide technology to users outside of core IT governance standards as well as:

  • Providing technical support for app developers within business units
  • Ensuring security and compliance
  • Managing business expectations
  • Establishing maintenance processes


JCDecaux enlisted ThreeWill to provide a comprehensive metrics-based approach for organizing and managing Power Platform technology within the enterprise. ThreeWill delivered best practices guidance and introduced the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence through a series of workshops and hands-on installation, configuration, and review sessions.

ThreeWill armed the JCDecaux technology team with the knowledge, strategy, and tools to implement and maintain a Power Platform management strategy covering the entire enterprise organization.

This strategy was based on four core areas:

  • Align – Technology and business organizations were aligned on how Power Platform capabilities would be efficiently leveraged
  • Monitor – The technology can objectively monitor Power Platform usage within the enterprise
  • Govern – Technology and business stakeholders can effectively have a shared understanding of JCDecaux governance practices and easily identify activities that are not aligned with those practices
  • Nurture – Power Platform stakeholders have a mechanism to promote Power Platform knowledge and adoption within the enterprise

Business Benefits

The result of this effort is a comprehensive approach for managing the Microsoft Power Platform in a way that balances JCDecaux-specific culture, knowledge, and productivity for all stakeholders. Business stakeholders get the efficiency and quality they need, and the technology group is able to manage business usage without a large dedicated support staff.


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