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In the context of a leading multinational financial services company specializing in insurance and asset management, a critical challenge emerged: migrating their Jive intranet to Microsoft 365. This included content from 43 countries spanning six continents. The urgency was driven by the impending expiration of their Jive license. The task was formidable, requiring a solution that would ensure business continuity while efficiently transferring vast amounts of content. This case study will explain how ThreeWill helped this company complete their Jive migration to Microsoft 365.


The company, positioned among the top five global insurance providers, operated in a complex landscape. Their existing content management systems were disparate, and the sheer scale of the migration posed significant logistical hurdles. The goal was clear: seamless content transfer across the global network.


The challenge was twofold: content consolidation and time sensitivity. The company needed to move content from 43 countries, including policy documents, customer communications, and other critical information. Traditional manual migration methods were costly and time-consuming. The urgency demanded an innovative approach.


To address this, ThreeWill implemented a migration factory using their established Jive Migration utilities to help the company migrate their content. Here’s how they tackled the problem:

  • Collaboration with Content Owners: ThreeWill engaged with content owners across the 43 countries. These stakeholders included regional teams, subject matter experts, and IT personnel. Their insights were crucial for understanding local nuances and tailoring the migration process.
  • Standardization and Automation: A standardized approach was devised for content migration. Templates, guidelines, and best practices were implemented. Existing ThreeWill Migration utilities were deployed to extract, transform, and upload content to Microsoft 365 efficiently. The focus was on maintaining data integrity and ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Business Continuity: Strategies were implemented to minimize downtime. Staggered migration schedules and fallback plans were put in place to ensure that daily operations remained unaffected.


The results were remarkable:

  • Cost Savings: By automating the migration process, the company achieved substantial cost savings. The total cost was only 20% of what it would have been if done manually.
  • Time Efficiency: Automation allowed the entire migration to occur within one year, a feat that would have taken multiple years using traditional methods.
  • Licensing Costs: Additionally, the automation eliminated the need for 1-2 years of extra licensing costs associated with the legacy system (Jive).


In addition to their specialized services, ThreeWill brings extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to the table. With over a decade of successfully navigating complex content migrations, they have honed their expertise in handling diverse scenarios. Their understanding of both Jive and Microsoft 365 ecosystems allows them to tailor solutions that align with each organization’s unique needs. By leveraging this wealth of experience, ThreeWill ensures that companies successfully complete their Jive migration to Microsoft 365.


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