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Client Profile

Global Telecommunications services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses, and other service providers in dozens of countries.


The telecommunication services provider’s internal Marketing & Growth organization (MGO) wanted to create a new internal, modern intranet site for their department. The site would provide information about the department, while also showcasing what a best-in-class modern intranet site looks like within the organization.

The design would include as many out-of-the-box M365 SharePoint capabilities as possible, thus keeping customized-development features to a minimum. With this in mind, the new marketing site would need to follow a standard structured design, with standardized page designs. The department also requested the ability to duplicate pages for future growth needs.

The design included the following key pages:

  • Home Page
  • Who We Are Page
  • Knowledge Center Page
  • Our Culture Page
  • Our Work Page
  • Leadership Bio Page
  • Events Page
  • Priorities Page


Using the modern SharePoint experience within M365, ThreeWill was able to create and implement the MGO intranet in a manner that allows for easy enhancement and revisions. Through configuration, pages can also be customized with little to no code changes required. As part of the effort, ThreeWill implemented a configurable font override Optimizer that allows for custom fonts on the pages. Lastly, all the pages created are mobile responsive so they would successfully render visually on different types of mobile devices and platforms.

Global Knowledge Center - Our CultureGlobal Marketing Intranet - Knowledge Center

Business Benefits

The new intranet provides the Marketing & Growth Department (MGO) with information that allows the company to build emotional connections with its customers. It provides a repository of information for resources to provide “one voice” in communications to customers.

The new intranet also sets the example of how other sites within the organization can and should be built, both structurally and visually – it visually represents MGO in a powerful way for others to come, see, and find marketing-related information and resources.

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