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Teams Enablement is a specialized service designed to help organizations unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based platform for collaboration and content creation. With a tailored approach to implementation, Teams Enablement ensures that Microsoft Teams aligns with a company’s specific business needs. This is achieved through the support of a dedicated implementation team and community manager, backed by a team of experts, to provide a seamless and effective adoption of the platform.

This case study will explain how we delivered Teams Enablement service to a company that supplies specialty chemicals and raw materials for the personal care and household products markets in the chemical industry. The client wanted help with using best practices for file collaboration with Microsoft Teams.



The client had been using email as their primary source for file collaboration, which was causing inefficiencies and delays in their business processes. They recognized the need to adopt a more effective and streamlined approach to file collaboration and sought the expertise of ThreeWill to help them achieve this goal.


The client needed to improve their file collaboration practices to increase efficiency and reduce reliance on email. They were looking for a solution that would support their key business processes and provide advanced functionality beyond basic Teams Call and Teams Chat.


ThreeWill delivered base-level training on Microsoft Teams to the client, helping them to understand the software’s capabilities and how it could be used to support their business processes. ThreeWill also provided guidance on advanced functions, such as team-based file collaboration, to help the client maximize the benefits of using Microsoft Teams.


As a result of ThreeWill’s Teams Enablement service, the client was able to successfully adopt best practices for file collaboration using Microsoft Teams. This reduced their overall reliance on email and improved the efficiency of their business processes. The client was able to take advantage of the advanced functionality provided by Microsoft Teams to further enhance their collaboration practices.


ThreeWill’s Teams Enablement service provided the client with the knowledge and expertise they needed to effectively adopt Microsoft Teams for file collaboration. This resulted in improved efficiency and reduced reliance on email, enabling the client to focus on their core business processes and achieve their goals.


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