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I know you have them. We all do. Those clunky old applications are still being used even though they are leaking oil, and making funny noises, and no developer is willing to touch them.

Seems to me that might just be a sign. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on many modernization projects here at ThreeWill, and they are always my favorite ones, as it is something that I truly love doing. Working with the users as they transition to the new application and seeing their excitement for the new technology and how it’s going to make their jobs so much easier brings me lots of joy.

If this is something you’re considering, here are several significant benefits to modernizing that can help you with making that decision so you can stay competitive in the constantly changing world of technology.

Improved Performance

Modernizing your application can lead to improved performance and responsiveness and offer new features and enhancements all designed to better streamline your workflow. Depending on its age, it often involves completely replacing the old application with one built on the latest technology. If it is not very old, it may just need a round of optimizing the code, architecture, and infrastructure. Either of these will lead to better performance, faster response times, and enhanced user experiences. In today’s world, staying current with technology is essential to remaining competitive and retaining employees.

Enhanced Security

Outdated applications are more vulnerable to security threats and breaches. They are often hosted on local servers, which constantly need patches and upgrades to ensure they keep up with the ever-evolving world of cyber threats. And then what happens? At the worst possible time, support ends for that old server or software, and security patches are no longer available. Modernizing allows you to incorporate the latest security measures and practices to protect sensitive data and safeguard your business from cyber threats. Keeping your application secure is critical in today’s digital landscape.

Cost Efficiency

As with anything, over time legacy applications can become expensive to maintain and support due to things like the need for specialized hardware to run that outdated software. There could also be a dearth of developers with knowledge of the older technology making it harder and more expensive to get the support you need. Modernizing your application will provide more efficient operations, reduced maintenance expenses, and the ability to take advantage of more cost-effective cloud-based services. All this could result in significant cost savings for your business.

In addition, modernizing can also lead to other advantages like easier integration with third-party services and better data analytics capabilities which can give you a competitive advantage.

Modernizing your application is an investment in the future of your organization. That makes it mission-critical to carefully plan and then execute that plan to ensure you reach your goals and reap the benefits they will provide. ThreeWill has years and years of experience bringing companies just like yours into the modern world and we would love to use our expertise to help you with that journey, so give us a call today!


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