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We use links all the time. We text them to co-workers, friends, and family – and many times we put links in documents, articles, and blog posts. In fact, we may do that more than you think.

We have seen that all our Jive migration clients have a LOT of links. A lot more than I originally expected.  In Jive you can @mention a person as many of you have done within Facebook, LinkedIn, Teams, or a myriad of other social platforms. In Jive, however, you can also @mention (if that is the right term) a place or content item that is in Jive. Just as you get type-ahead guidance from social platforms when @mentioning a person, you get that for a person, place, or piece of content in Jive. I think the fact that Jive makes this easy to do is a large part of why there are so many links.

So, what’s the big deal?  How many links could there really be?

We don’t normally track how many links our clients have, but I took a peek at one of our active migrations recently and they had over 540,000 links to Jive people, places, and content.

Yep, you read that right. This was mid-stream on this client where we have about 3000 places and a little more than 200,000 content items that we have transformed and migrated. Roughly 80,000 of those 200,000 content items (or their comments) had links to a Jive person, place, or piece of content.

To look at it another way, out of all content items migrated, there are roughly 3 links
per item that link to something else in Jive.

Granted, this is anecdotal and not a scientific study, but imagine having all that content migrated and then having links back to Jive all over the place.  Of course, your Jive instance is gone, so this is the experience:

How Can ThreeWill Help?

Through our tried-and-true Jive migration process, we extract, transform, and upload your content from Jive to Microsoft 365. As part of the planning process, we work with you to map Jive places to Microsoft 365 so we can determine the URL for content ahead of time. Then, as part of the transformation, we look for any links in Jive content that are pointing to a Jive person, place, or piece of content and change those links to point to where the migrated content already is or will be. This works for links within a Jive place or links pointing to content in another place.

Hopefully, this makes for a happy customer and a soft landing for your migrated content.


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