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In my role as the Marketing Manager, I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline our marketing activities and promote collaboration within the team. One tool that has proven to be invaluable in achieving this is the ThreeWill intranet. It serves as a centralized platform for sharing and managing our organizational assets. Whether it’s documents, images, brand logos, event materials, or the marketing calendar, our intranet is pivotal in keeping all marketing efforts cohesive and useful.

A great example of how we communicate marketing activities is by having a Marketing Department area. This keeps our internal team up-to-date on the latest blog posts and case studies published on our website. It also provides a glimpse of our upcoming events, such as the Atlanta Leadership Roundtable and the holiday schedule. In the left column, you’ll find links to resources like the blog post schedule, ThreeWill testimonials, and collateral.

Document Collaboration

Effective document sharing and collaboration are pivotal for our marketing success. The intranet provides a secure and user-friendly environment for team members to access, collaborate, and download the latest versions. This eliminates the hassle of sending large files via email and ensures that everyone has the latest version. Our image gallery serves as a visual repository. It allows easy access to essential resources such as ThreeWill brand logos, event images, and associate pictures.

Marketing Calendar

The marketing calendar on the intranet makes it convenient for all team members to stay informed about upcoming marketing events and campaigns. This shared calendar promotes transparency and collaboration, enabling us to align our efforts for maximum impact. With all these valuable assets readily available, our marketing team is well-equipped to excel.

As you can see, our intranet is not a stagnant platform; it’s a dynamic tool that empowers us to work efficiently, maintain consistency, and drive the success of our marketing initiatives.


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