Adoption and Change Management

How much of your planned technology initiative’s ROI is at risk if people don’t use the technology effectively?

Adoption and Change Management (ACM) can be the difference between the success and failure of new technologies and organizational initiatives.

Drive Value with Adoption

There’s a people source of project failure.

Enterprise-level project ROI depends heavily on user adoption. New technologies and processes can improve organizational performance and efficiency… but only if people use them.

Adoption and change management (ACM) can be the difference between success and failure for new technologies and organizational initiatives. ThreeWill’s ACM services can dramatically improve the effectiveness of user adoption, resulting in reduced risk, accelerated ROI payback periods, and a strong basis for ongoing ROI.

We’ll guide you through the technical and people aspects of successful technology implementations.

The Journey to Change

  • Envision

    • Goal setting
    • Assessments
    • Analysis
    • Planning workshops

  • Onboard

    • Awareness, communications, and training planning
    • Resistance management
    • ACM asset development and delivery
    • Execution guidance

  • Drive Value

    • Measurement enablement
    • ACM validation
    • Project close-out
    • Ongoing support

ThreeWill blends the best aspects of multiple ACM frameworks to develop a solution that is tailored to your unique needs.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Set goals and objectives
  • Build strong leaders
  • Develop willing and prepared users
Solution Adoption

Solution Adoption

  • Increase user adoption
  • Manage resistance
  • Encourage ongoing engagement
Jive Migration User Adoption

Value Realization

  • Promote technology benefits
  • Accelerate ROI payback
  • Improve user experience
Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

  • Avoid project failure
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Meet and exceed objectives

The “people” side of change is more important than ever.

Adoption and change management identifies the “What’s in it for me?” of change initiatives.

When implementing new technologies, most projects stall at the adoption and proficiency stages.

By focusing on user satisfaction, an ACM program helps organizations inspire users to use the solution on a regular basis and make their jobs easier.

There is a high correlation between an effective adoption and change management program and project success.

Adoption and change management keeps the employee experience front and center. Industry studies have consistently shown that ACM programs result in a 6x improvement in chances for project success.

  • Sustain long-term user adoption
  • Increase your technology initiative ROI
  • Analyze performance and maximize results
Jive Migrations
  • “The ThreeWill team was very detailed throughout the entire project and very patient with us as we learned what SharePoint can do and how to use it. They reacted quickly to ad hoc requests and would make sure that we understood the effects of any changes that were requested.”
    Will Rozeboom
    VP of Pricing and Customer Solutions, Other Industries
  • “The ThreeWill team did an excellent job in assisting us in defining the business requirements around a new corporate process. ThreeWill has superb integrity and provides invaluable advice and support.”
    Mike Cully
    Director, Global Distribution and Marketing - Fortune 500 Construction and Farm Machinery Company
  • “It has been a pleasure to work with ThreeWill, and I’ve always been happy to represent them as a development company with integrity when other software companies ask about them. ThreeWill understands that helping software companies build a SharePoint-compatible product that can be shipped is different than helping a SharePoint customer with an implementation. It requires a slightly different approach to the project. The focus has to be on the long-term sustainability of the product and has to take into account the culture of the client with much more depth. ThreeWill gets this and works hard to work well with software companies. I look forward to seeing their list of clients with SharePoint integrations continue to grow!”
    Owen Allen
    Microsoft 365 Technology Specialist

Start Your Change Journey

You can address the “people” risks with your technology initiative today in three easy steps:
1. Contact ThreeWill for your ACM needs.
2. Let us build a plan to guide you on a successful ACM journey.
3. Let us be your partner in executing the plan.