Intelligent Intranet

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 have become the gold standard for portals and collaboration. Leveraging these platforms for your Intranet is a core competency of our organization. SharePoint Intranets provide a vast number of services for organizing information that needs to be shared internally.


Retain Knowledge

Don’t let the intellectual capital of your company go out the door when you lose an employee. Intranet portals are a way to capture that information and make it available to others over time.


Have one place to go for the information that needs to be shared in your organization. Your intranet portal can be the one place to go to get to everything in your organization.

Reduce Chaos

Without centralization of knowledge, records and collaboration, organizations can get into email chaos and other forms of dysfunctional knowledge sharing that do not scale as your company grows. Intranets are a way to put structure to how work gets done within your company.

Corporate Branding

Your Intranet is an opportunity to build your sense of belonging to large and small companies alike.  Re-enforce your brand identity inside your company to drive loyalty and reduce turnover.

Danny RyanIntelligent Intranet