Work with a specialized team of professionals to help you through the technology and people sides of your Microsoft Teams enablement endeavor, utilizing an approach that has a track record of success in real-world implementations.

Collaboration is essential to enhancing your Employee Experience

Teams Enablement and Teams Adoption

You’ve heard the marketing hype around how Microsoft Teams improves collaboration. You know that improving collaboration is key to improving employee engagement and reaping the broader business benefits of an excellent overall employee experience. You also understand that simply installing a new technology, training users on how to use it, and expecting magic to happen isn’t a winning strategy. You need an approach that makes Microsoft Teams benefits stick.

Microsoft Teams rollouts that are successful both in the short and long term are based on making your team (not technology) the stars of the show. ThreeWill’s Teams Enablement service brings your people to the happy junction of understanding Microsoft Teams features and how to leverage those features for immediate practical business benefits that help employees thrive.

How does Teams Enablement work?

You’ll work with a dedicated team of professionals to guide you through both the technology and people side of your Microsoft Teams enablement effort using a process with a proven record of success in real-world deployments.

Partner for success with Teams Enablement

Partners for Success

You’ll work with a ThreeWill Teams Enablement Specialist and Community Manager. Based on an understanding of the unique characteristics of your business, your Teams Enablement Specialist will guide you through both the technology and people aspects of your initial Microsoft Teams rollout. Your Community Manager will help you implement ongoing best practices to ensure that Microsoft Teams adoption and related benefits continue after the initial rollout.

Teams Enablement focus on people

Focus on People

Technology alone is not enough to solve your collaboration problems. Ultimately this means that we’ll help you create a community of users that have the knowledge, proficiency, and most importantly belief that meaningful improvements to collaboration are possible with Microsoft Teams. This also means beginning your rollout by promoting a small group of people through stages from initial interest to knowledgeable users to advocates to brainstormers to drivers & influencers and ultimately to visioners.

Teams Enablement proven Process - Prepare, Build Advocates, Onboard, Reinforce

Proven Process

Your ThreeWill Team will guide you through a proven process with four main stages:

      • Prepare – Understand processes and groups, identify key blockers for teamwork, and do baseline technology enablement (installation, settings, and policies)
      • Build Advocates – Develop a group of individuals that can influence and encourage new ways of collaboration
      • Onboard – Onboard employees to their initial Microsoft Teams experience (Awareness, Training, Art of Possible Collaboration) and
      • Reinforce, Synergize, and Extend – Measure and promote ongoing adoption/proficiency, imagine/implement new ways of collaborating

What’s Included?

Technology Implementation

We work with your technology team to guide deployment steps and assist with Microsoft Teams provisioning, configuration, lifecycle, and policy planning.


User Adoption

Strategy planning, design/development/delivery of communications & training, and validation of user adoption levels.


User Onboarding Guidance & Assistance

  • We start small, with a group of people who understand the core of your organization, to help us get to know your business, and the employees that make it happen, and to identify who our early (and late) adopters may be.
  • We then start working with our early adopters, training them on not only the features and functionalities of the Microsoft Teams platform but also on practical applications to show them how they can use it in their own work streams and use cases.
  • Once we’ve had an opportunity to get a sample of your company’s culture and work patterns via the early adopters, we move into the full onboarding phase, working with different “Onboarding Groups” to make sure everyone in your organization receives both the functional and practical training that makes Microsoft Teams work for them.
  • Once Onboarding begins, we begin measuring usage statistics to track overall adoption and provide ongoing support and education with Weekly “Teams Q&A” sessions where anyone in the organization can ask their questions and get immediate answers from our experts.
Onboarding and Guidance
  • “The ThreeWill team was very detailed throughout the entire project and very patient with us as we learned what SharePoint can do and how to use it. They reacted quickly to ad hoc requests and would make sure that we understood the effects of any changes that were requested.”
    Will Rozeboom
    VP of Pricing and Customer Solutions, Other Industries
  • “The ThreeWill team did an excellent job in assisting us in defining the business requirements around a new corporate process. ThreeWill has superb integrity and provides invaluable advice and support.”
    Mike Cully
    Director, Global Distribution and Marketing - Fortune 500 Construction and Farm Machinery Company
  • “It has been a pleasure to work with ThreeWill, and I’ve always been happy to represent them as a development company with integrity when other software companies ask about them. ThreeWill understands that helping software companies build a SharePoint-compatible product that can be shipped is different than helping a SharePoint customer with an implementation. It requires a slightly different approach to the project. The focus has to be on the long-term sustainability of the product and has to take into account the culture of the client with much more depth. ThreeWill gets this and works hard to work well with software companies. I look forward to seeing their list of clients with SharePoint integrations continue to grow!”
    Owen Allen
    Microsoft 365 Technology Specialist

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