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Bo George Principal Consultant

Bo is a Principal Consultant for ThreeWill. He has over 20 years of full lifecycle software development experience.

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Bo George started out on IBM Mainframes in the financial industry but transitioned to Microsoft and .NET before it was initially released in 2001.

He is focused on helping customers make the most out of their investments in Microsoft technologies like Office 365 and Azure.  Whether it’s helping customers in their digital workplace journey, developing solutions for specific line of business needs or creating enterprise-wide applications Bo can help.

He enjoys working on projects of all sizes from applications used by large enterprises to run their business to smaller departmental applications that allow teams to collaborate better. He has a passion for finding the technologies and solutions that are the best fit for each customer’s specific need.


Architect and Consultant – Digital Workplace Design for Communications and Automotive Global Conglomerate

  • Consulted with Corporate Communications and other departments to gather requirements based on current usage and future goals for a Communications portal
  • Evaluated current Oracle Web Center solution for key features, gaps and mappings to Office 365
  • Created designs, proof of concepts and documentation for an Office 365 and SharePoint solution to address many current and future state challenges like audiences, guest users, security trimming, news authoring and publication
  • Delivered presentations to stakeholders on solution roadmap, POCs, key architectural decisions and integrations

Architect, Developer and Consultant – Digital Workplace Design & Implementation for Large Automotive Services Company

  • Consulted with Corporate Communications and Technology Enablement teams to establish key pillars of a successful digital workplace implementation
  • Designed Information Architecture and Roadmap components such as navigation, policies, provisioning, templates and metadata
  • Implemented Governance site, policies, FAQs and other user adoption and education components
  • Educated teams on Office 365 and SharePoint features and usage as part of overall solution
  • Developed custom SPFx solution to replicate Jive Features for self-service Questions and Answers and enhanced SPFx news web part to extend out of the box capabilities.

Architect and Developer – Transfer Pricing Azure Application for Global Tax Consulting Company

  • UX Architect for an Azure based transfer pricing application for Big 4 accounting firm
  • Application was built using Angular 6 and .NET Core and utilized many Azure Services include Azure SQL, Insights,
  • Designed and Implemented Identity Management using Azure AD, OAuth and custom services for authentication and authorization
  • Established design and patterns for Angular application architecture for components and services
  • Supported development team

Architect and Developer – Location Management Application for Rapidly Expanding Fast Food Franchise

  • Designed and Implemented a solution for managing new store locations from land purchase through store construction to grand opening
  • Prototyped approach using PowerApps to solicit usage feedback
  • Developed provisioning process for solution using PnP and PowerShell to create sites, lists and other infrastructure related components
  • Developed UX using SPFx Webparts and React and deployed to SharePoint on Office 365

Architect and Developer – Portfolio Management Application Large Healthcare Provider

  • Evaluated different technology and architectural approaches including Office 365 and Azure based solutions using Angular and React
  • Worked with Product Owner to establish business requirements and application terminology for previously non-existent system for management of Information Products with Source Systems, Data Pipelines, Consumption Layers and Business Activities with associated RACI elements of each.
  • Developed Angular 5 based solution that was deployed to SharePoint in Office 365 that allowed management complex related information representing enterprise data warehouse systems.
  • Established architectural patterns for easily creating and adding new objects, relationships and interfaces into application using Angular and PnP with services, models and components.

Architect and Developer – Requirements Management Application for Large Telecommunications Company

  • Worked with Product Owner to document and prioritize features for a requirements management and traceability solution built in SharePoint 2013
  • Designed solution to be purely client side and deployable to Office 365 or On Premises using PowerShell Scripts and PnP
  • Architected data layer in SharePoint Lists with many complex relationships and denormalized to ensure scalability
  • Developed UX as a SPA with complex routing logic to support highly dynamic urls, application entry points and security boundaries
  • Utilized Angular 4 for the framework for overall solution as well as 3rd Party packages like Prime NG for highly complex UI controls

Architect and Developer – Corporate Communications Intranet Solution for Large Telecommunications Company

  • Took over a highly customized SharePoint 2013 Portal project from a design firm to ensure it could be completed and made deployable to any farm with ease.
  • Created PowerShell scripts to establish repeatable packaging and deployment of SharePoint solution and components
  • Developed custom web parts to be used as part of department site templates
  • Designed and developed site template and site provisioning process for department sites
  • Worked with Corporate Communications to develop Intranet engagement solutions including a custom weekly Newsletter authored in SharePoint and emailed company wide through custom web parts and JavaScript components
  • Developed Recognition solutions to submit peers for recognition through a custom Smile Tile solution developed as a JavaScript solution

Architect and Developer – Event Management Application for a Large Telecommunications Company

  • Collaborated with Marketing team to envision and design a real-time event management solution to replace a labor-intensive PDF solution.
  • Developed a pure client-side solution using Angular, HTML, PDF generation tools to allow managing categories and events in SharePoint Lists and rendering a calendar in the browser
  • Events are highly visual with picture avatars, even information and color coding to indicate TV affiliation, sponsor and other information.
  • PDF generation using Canvas object so that the generated PDF was an exact representation of what is shown in the browser.

Consultant and Developer – Community Management Solution for Non-Profit

  • Designed Intranet/Extranet Office 365 solution to support collaboration between non-profit and communities it serves.
  • Designed site template, home page layout and specific features needed to manage community activities as part of a community site
  • Developed a cloud-based provisioning process to allow easily creating community sites as new ones are onboarded.

Architect and Consultant – SharePoint Portal Implementation for Waste Management Company

  • Designed Intranet solution based on SharePoint 2013 after interviews and design sessions with all department stakeholders
  • Implemented information architecture, sites, navigation and metadata solutions based on design
  • Developed and delivered training to site owners specific to their usage and needs of the intranet

Architect, Dev Lead and Developer – Custom SharePoint Portal for Consulting Company

  • Scrum Master, Technical Lead and Developer for a highly branded and customized SharePoint 2013 Portal.
  • Developed custom C# Timer Jobs for User Profile and Managed Metadata synchronization from Workday to SharePoint
  • Developed Mobile Responsive UX using Master pages, Angular and HTML
  • Develop Site and Page templates for easily creating community of practice and knowledge base sites
  • Developed custom people and knowledge base web parts using C#, Angular and solution packages

Dev Lead and Developer – SharePoint Online and Azure Onboarding Portal for Major League Baseball Team

  • Lead Developer for a cloud-based onboarding solution that replaced a paper process that typically had 2400 applicants per year.
  • The application included an Azure web application for the external applicant portal that synced data to SharePoint Online for hiring managers to onboard the applicants.
  • The Azure web application utilized Entity Framework 6.1 code-first and the SendGrid Azure add-on for emails.
  • The Azure app was built using MVC5 with Razor forms and was highly branded and built to be Responsive (mobile first) leveraging Bootstrap, jQuery and Modernizr as well as other libraries.
  • The SharePoint Provider Hosted App was deployed to Office 365 and included custom lists and list views, custom ribbon buttons for bulk actions, a custom SharePoint workflow and a remote event handler.

Developer – Project Status Management Application for a Large Telecommunications Company

  • Developed and enhanced components as part of a large sand-boxed solution running on SharePoint 2010.
  • The application was for managing project information and generating reports and presentations to provide monthly status updates to stakeholders.
  • Developed UI forms and logic using JavaScript/jQuery to support complex business rules for data inputs.
  • Created and enhanced Click Once applications for importing and exporting project information from SharePoint lists to/from Excel as well as to PowerPoint.

Dev Lead and Developer – Custom Extranet Solution for Specialty Medical Insurance Company

  • Lead Developer of an onshore/offshore team that developed a custom application and framework for an extranet used by corporate offices and subscribers.
  • The portal application was built on SharePoint 2010 and was branded using custom master pages and CSS.
  • The framework was built as a site definition with custom content types, list definitions, event receivers, custom roll-up web parts and user personalization to all for “favoriting” content from anywhere in the system.
  • The extranet was also integrated with LDAP for authentication and provided user self-service features for password management and expiration.

Dev Lead – Global Compliance Reporting for a Global Tax Consulting Company

  • Co-lead the development of a SharePoint 2010 application for managing tax-related document and process manage for a global tax practice.
  • The application was an extranet providing role-based security for internal users and client users to documents, lists and libraries.
  • Components of the application included a site definition to allow site collections for engagements to be provisioned on demand.
  • Within the site definition multiple lists with custom roles and permissions were defined as well as custom ribbon buttons for performing bulk operations, in place records management and applying document meta-data and tags.

Dev Lead and Developer – Enterprise Reporting Portal for Global Audit Practice

  • Lead developer of a large onshore/offshore team of 11 developers responsible for creating the reporting system for all customer engagements across the enterprise.
  • Created a highly customized reporting portal using SharePoint 2010 as the platform for hosting SSRS reports
  • Developed custom report viewer parameter controls for hierarchy based, load on demand and search-based parameter inputs.
  • Developed drag and drop tree-based controls to enable personalized report metadata management for end users.
  • Elements of the solution included web parts, application pages, site definitions, master pages, WCF services, AJAX, Report Viewer, and Telerik controls.

Developer – Business Intelligence and Reporting Solution for Energy Efficiency Program Provider

  • Design and implemented data model (ERD) for data warehouse schema in SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Create and load data into warehouse using WhereScape ETL tool.
  • Created cube to be used by PerformancePoint using SQL Server Analysis Services 2008.
  • Develop dashboards in PerformancePoint 2010 using KPIs configured in the cube, Scorecards and PerformancePoint Web Parts in SharePoint 2010.
  • Extended behavior of Scorecards to launch into dynamic Analytic Grids using jQuery and custom properties of KPIs.
  • Configured Kerberos for various SharePoint services, Reporting Services and database components to allow delegation of user credentials through to the cube.

Architect and Developer – Intranet Portal for Medical Liability Insurance Provider

  • Installed and Configured SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition.
  • Designed corporate site taxonomy, SharePoint governance policy and metadata management plan.
  • Implemented business specific solutions for various departmental or cross-departmental functions using SharePoint Designer workflows, custom lists and InfoPath.
  • Solutions included employee onboarding, article review and publishing and custom calendaring/task management for compliance.

Architect and Developer – Social Computing and Collaboration for Fortune 500 Insurance Company

  • Development Lead/Architect for custom MOSS collaboration portal
  • Design and implement infrastructure, taxonomy and information architecture
  • Evaluate and recommend/purchase third party tools to shore up solution and features available to end users (e.g. Quest for backup/restore, Kwizcom & Dundas for richer UI)
  • Mentor developers and administrators new to the MOSS platform on coding, deployment and administration
  • Develop custom financial management application that integrates with SAP
  • Develop custom navigation and content types for consistent taxonomy across farm
  • Develop PerformancePoint Scorecards and Dashboards and custom XSLT Scorecards using MOSS 2007.

Dev Lead and Developer – Collaboration and Reporting Portal Produce for Lottery Services Provider

  • Designed and developed a web part framework that utilized Ajax and Dundas to create a fluid user interaction with analysis and reporting web parts
  • Created feature driven site design and site definitions for easily re-skinning a portal to have a clean look and feel
  • Mentored traditional ASP.NET developers on the transition from ASP.NET to SharePoint development

Developer – SharePoint Search Integration for Media Based Search Company

  • Prototyped and evaluated search integration scenarios with pros and cons including using the business data catalog, custom web parts and SharePoint’s query object model.
  • Integrated third party search engine for phonetically searching media uploaded SharePoint into MOSS search center real-time (not indexed by SharePoint).
  • Integrated media player into MOSS search center for playing results using custom connected web parts.

Architect and Developer – SharePoint Operations Portal for Manufacturing Company

  • Designed and implemented an Operations Portal for managing manufacturing projects from sales and design through construction and close out using Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Developed custom screens using ASP.NET 2.0 and SharePoint Designer for easily managing information across multiple related lists in a user-friendly fashion.
  • Created reports using SQL Server Reporting Services to provide users with summary project information to better understand what is going on with projects within the company.
  • Implemented workflows for notifying users based on very specific milestones, status changes and other project and manufacturing updates.
  • Prototyped custom field types for extending the out of the box SharePoint field types.

Developer – Proxy Management System for Internet Based Communications Platform Company

  • Perform analysis and design work for new e-solicitation features being added to existing proxy voting product.
  • Technical lead for implementing service layer code on Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) platform to allow multiple client consumers to reuse the e-solicitation features.
  • Designed and implemented client facing features using ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET Atlas and admin facing features using Windows Forms 2.0.

Developer – SharePoint Portal for Microsoft .Net Center of Excellence.

  • Designed an installer for SharePoint portal using Windows SharePoint Services for use as a company’s .NET best practices and resource center.
  • Gathered and organized content to allow for ease of use and maximum benefit of available information from MSDN and other developer communities.
  • Developed custom SharePoint web parts to replace the standard quick launch sidebar and provide a hierarchy view of nested team sites.
  • Developed custom site definition for creating new team sites with best practice content.

Developer – SharePoint branding and development for Fortune 500 Communications Company.

  • Developed custom site definitions to enable rapid creation of new SharePoint team sites that have a consistent look and feel.
  • Developed custom SharePoint web parts for navigation to enforce company branding rules when used on any site.
  • Created a custom solution for apply a common theme including headers and footers dynamically to the thousands of existing team sites including those that were ghosted (customized in FrontPage).

Developer – Groove Content Management and Workflow Application for Global Auditing Practice

  • Customized and extended NUnit framework to support launching and running unit tests within the Groove application.
  • Evaluated and recommended products for use within the auditing application including doing performance and resource utilization analysis.
  • Prototyped and implemented a user option driven hierarchal diagramming solution using GoDiagram for .NET.
  • Developed user interfaces using Windows forms leveraging the MVC pattern to support separation of business logic from presentation logic.

Developer – Line of Business Applications for Fortune 500 Insurance Company

  • Responsible for creating and maintaining enterprise builds for key applications using Openmake, windows batch scripts and Serena Mover.
  • Train and mentor developers on using Serena Dimensions as the enterprise wide source code control and lifecycle management solution.
  • Perform product demos for executive management.
  • Create custom solutions to facilitate the rapid roll out of Dimensions, including C# applications for automating the retrieval of source code from VSS and uploading to Dimensions.

Developer – Compression Utility Project for Fortune 500 Insurance Company

  • Re-engineered VB4 file compression/decompression application using C# and extended the underlying compression algorithms using VC++ 6.0.
  • Ported 16-bit applications from Borland C++ 3.52 to 32-bit OS using Borland C++ 5.01.
  • Acted as moderator, producer and reviewer in peer reviews of code, design and testing for C++, C# and VB6 applications.

Developer – ASP.NET Portal Projects for Non-Profit Organization

  • Facilitated JAD sessions with stakeholders to gather project requirements.
  • Using the ASP.NET portal starter kit, created three (,, & mirror portal sites for Ann Hardman Ministries.
  • Customized the kit extensively to allow for event entry, event tracking and location mapping using C# and SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Designed custom graphics and logos using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Created animated intros and conference advertisements using Macromedia Flash.

Architect, Dev Lead – CRM for Transaction Processing and Settlement Company

  • Technical lead for CRM implementations that included eight large financial clients.
  • Responsible for setting coding standards, performing code reviews, training developers and ensuring that all business requirements and architectural design goals are achieved
  • Used UML & C# to design and code enhancements to the workflow controller that is responsible for serving as the digraph processor and state management machine for the CRM runtime.
  • Created use cases, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams and component diagrams for new applications and feature enhancements in core framework.
  • Extensive development utilizing C#, ASP.NET, XSL and XML to dynamically generate stored procedures from user input in a custom query builder for filtering, sorting and selecting queued records from a SQL Server database.
  • Performance tested and troubleshot application using custom cache viewers, perfmon counters and Microsoft ACT scripts.
  • Perform demos of CRM application and tools to existing and prospective clients.

Programmer – Financial Application for Insurance Company

  • Coded and supported CICS screens and report generation routines for the 140,000 Personal Financial Analysts (PFA) at Primerica using COBOL, DB2 and JCL.
  • Supported the agent licensing modules that are accessed by agents when attempting to become certified financial analysts.

Developer – Call Center Application for Government Agency

  • Responsible for design and development of a 911 call center application for tracking of emergency call details, facilitating call handoff between operators and call statistic reporting.
  • Used VB6 and Access 2000 with SQL Server ODBC upgrade to implement the client solution as a Windows forms application.

Programmer – Transaction Processing and Settlement Company

  • Designed/developed projects using COBOL, Tables MM, IMS, DB2 and JCL to extend and enhance TS2 functionality, reliability and profitability.
  • Projects included credit card reward/rebate programs, card verification modules, and account balancing algorithms for the more than 12 million cards in portfolio.
  • Developed an application used to track employee information such as vacations, projects and system knowledge using VB6 and MS Access.
  • Using COBOL, IMS, and DB2, designed and coded transaction processing programs to balance, report and clean up rewards program points daily for millions of cardholders.
  • Mentored developers on best practices, system functionality and development methodologies.

Programmer – Employee Information Tracking Application for Transaction Processing and Settlement Company

  • Developed an application used to track employee information such as vacations, projects and system knowledge using VB6 and MS Access.
  • Using COBOL, IMS, and DB2, designed and coded transaction processing programs to balance, report and clean up rewards program points daily for millions of cardholders.
  • Responsible for resolving issues on IBM MQ Series data packets from the mainframe.
  • Mentored developers on best practices, system functionality and development methodologies.
  • Programmer Analyst II – Financial Application for Transaction Processing and Settlement Company
  • Designed/developed projects using COBOL, Tables MM, IMS, DB2 and JCL to extend and enhance TS2 functionality, reliability and profitability.
  • Projects included credit card reward/rebate programs, card verification modules, and account balancing algorithms for the more than 12 million cards in portfolio.
  • Implemented time saving VBA macros used to assist mainframe developers with repetitive report generation tasks.
  • Programmer Analyst I – Customer Support Application for Transaction Processing and Settlement Company
  • Designed complex option driven programs used to update IMS and DB2 databases quickly and easily to satisfy client requests for modifying system behavior.
  • Expanded responsibilities to begin serving as on call support for nightly batch and CICS abends where service level agreements dictated immediate resolution of issues.

Programmer – Product Support for Transaction Processing and Settlement Company

  • Coded batch COBOL programs for making updates to IMS and DB2 databases based on business requirements.
  • Generated financial reports for client reports using Easytrieve, JCL, SyncSort and COBOL.
  • Supported nightly batch processing for Posting, Fraud and Collection modules.


  • B.S. Applied Computer Science, Columbus State University
  • Member of Georgia’s first ICAPP (Intellectual Capital Partnership Program)


  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) App Builder
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Universal Windows Platform (*Charter)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Web Applications
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Web Applications (*Charter)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) MOSS 2007: Configuration
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD): Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Technical Assessment for Using Azure for Application Development



  • VS Code, Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, Azure Insights, PostMan, Fiddler, Telerik, Team Foundation Server, SubVersion, Dimensions, Automated Build Studio, MSBuild, Enterprise Architect, NUnit


  • Office 365, SharePoint Online/On-Premises, Microsoft Azure
  • PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath
  • Angular/AngularJS, React, Redux, .NET, ASP.NET Core/MVC, Entity Framework


C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PowerShell, SQL, XSL, COBOL, JCL, C++


Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM IMS


Software Development Lifecycle, Scrum, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Software Configuration Management