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This is the first of five blog posts on a series entitled “ThreeWill Predictions for 2013.”

If you step back and think about the “Personal Cloud,” you can definitely see how this has already influenced our digital life at a personal level.  More and more these days you are seeing the ability to access your data on any device (laptop, phone or tablet).  In order for that information to follow you to each of your devices, there has been an emergence of Personal Clouds.  In the consumer world, Personal Cloud examples can be seen through services from photo sharing on flickr to file sharing on Dropbox to note taking on Evernote.  Users do not want to copy this information from device to device.  They want it centrally stored in their personal cloud and in sync with each of their devices.

The beauty of the Personal Cloud is that it not only facilitates multiple device support for applications, but it hosts backup and recovery (not the responsibility of the device).  Cheaper storage and faster more accessible networks have enabled these services to emerge at an affordable price or “free.”  I still am amazed that I have unlimited picture storage with flickr for $24.95 a year (and what is harder to believe is that it was available for that price when I started that back in 2007). These Personal Clouds open up a world of new applications that can be built.

We believe our customers want our solutions to be seamless across devices and allow the user to access information at any time from any device and have that user experience to be intuitive no matter what device you use to access the information.  As application developers, the challenges we face for Personal and Enterprise Clouds are synchronization, data protection, mobile responsive design and local data cache management.  These are key challenges that we look at as we build our applications.

When I refer to “Enterprise Clouds,” I am referencing what is typically meant by the “Cloud,” which is multi-tenant web hosted services for your enterprise data like Salesforce for CRM, Jive for Social and SharePoint Online for CMS.

We look forward to the improvements to our applications that leverage Personal Clouds (Linked In, Twitter, Facebook) and Enterprise Clouds (Salesforce, Jive, SharePoint Online) in the applications we build (like Popcorn).  We believe Personal Clouds will be key to “accessing your information at the right time and the right place.”

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