The New Era of Telecommuting

There are more people working from home than ever before. There are currently over 3.7 million people that work remotely, at least half of the work week. This is a 115% increase since 2005 (From – I want to cover some of the benefits of your team members working from home and what this means for your company’s work environment.

The Benefits of Working from Home Flexibility (aka Telecommuting)

First and foremost, studies have shown that employees that work from home, at least part of the time, are more productive. Around 80-90% of people who work from home say that they can be more efficient due to the fact that there is no stopping and talking to folks about what they did last weekend, loud workspaces with multiple calls and less impromptu meetings.

Employers have seen a lot less turn over when they give their employees the flexibility to work from home. This gives that person the chance to work from home or come into the office. This also gives your people the ability to save a lot of money in childcare by giving them a chance to be home when their children get out of school or are on a “winter or fall break”.

This has been a huge benefit to some employers who have actually saved money! They have been able to downsize their office and use the space as more of a meeting place or hold client meetings or events. They can also reduce overhead cost, not only from a small space but the number of computer screens, office chairs, and desks which all need to be continually updated each year.

Completely Remote Employees

Here at ThreeWill, we have some employees that are completely remote. They come into the office about once a month or maybe even once a quarter. These employees live in other states but are still very valuable to the success of our business. This flexibility to be completely remote has allowed ThreeWill to keep great employees that have moved or even new employees that we have brought on to the team.

How this Flexibility Has Affected Me

Here at ThreeWill, I am a Client Principle. In this position, I am the advocate for our clients and I hold the responsibility of helping the account move forward in the right direction. I have the flexibility to work from home or come into the office. This has been a huge value to me! If I have some meetings in the office that I need to attend or a client (on-site) meeting on that side of town, I go into the office to collaborate with my co-workers and be closer to my client’s office. If I have a client meeting closer to my house or if I am leaving/coming home from a meeting, I can start work here at the house earlier and finish work when I get home. Also, those days when you are not feeling very well, I can work from home so as not to spread the love of my sickness to my co-workers.

Your Work Environment and Technology

Today, so many companies are moving to a more collaborative environment by updating their technologies. They have been able to be more efficient with their day to day work and also they now have the ability to allow their employees to be remote. This has become a game changer! Making sure that your employees can collaborate over documents together and to have ad-hoc meetings has allowed productivity to skyrocket. Having the right technology in place has also allowed companies to grow and expand more than before. Some have folks are working from the vehicle, going to businesses and homes to help customers, or even allowing factories, warehouses and shipping facilities to stay connected through the day. This is where most have grown over the years and have reaped the benefits of working better together.

Jon BradyThe New Era of Telecommuting

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