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What better way to get a feel for a workplace than to hear it from the employees…


In a balanced and fair way, we care about the client, ThreeWill Associate and the company being successful.

Tommy Ryan, President and Co-founder


A culture of trust…we have each other’s backs.  Success for one is a success for all.

Tim Colson, Senior Consultant



Jim Ebert, Senior Scrum Master


Learning & Safety- Rapid experimentation & learning is valued and everyone feels safe to share successes & failures in a nurturing growth-oriented environment.

Bob Morris, Principle Scrum Master


Responsibility- just knowing that when someone says they will take on a task/ area- you can feel comfortable knowing that they will champion it (using resources and being transparent).

Linda Ryan, VP Administration


Great Teamwork.

Ulenda Pickett, Scrum Master


ThreeWillers are patient, transparent and relentless learners.

Jeff Meyer, Director of Solutions


Culture and respect for each other.

Joseph Markiewicz, Chairman of the Board


Support, Trust and Integrity.

Jon Brady, Client Principal


Everyone is focused on helping others and it reflects in the work we do for our customers, helping our ThreeWill colleagues grow, and even in the impact we all make in our local communities.  Very supportive environment.

Kristi Webb, Senior Consultant

Here is a little window into our culture..

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