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In its simplest form, Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform. But the Microsoft Teams Capabilities don’t end there!

With more individuals working remotely, many organizations have turned to Microsoft Teams. Teams provides internal messaging, video conferencing, and document storage. End-users can work together in real-time on any team project, no matter where individuals are located!

Additional Microsoft Teams Capabilities

ThreeWill Employees Using Together Mode

  1. Together mode – A new feature in Teams, the Together Mode places participants in a shared background called an auditorium. In meetings, participants are able to view other team members and feel more connected.
  2. Breakout rooms. Coming soon, meeting organizers can split participants into smaller groups (up to 50 groups) for brainstorming sessions. The organizer can have Teams automatically place participants in breakout rooms or choose to do this manually. At the conclusion of the meeting, Teams will send an automatic recap, including a recording of the meeting, transcripts, shared files, to your Outlook calendar.
  3. Staff Scheduling – A new feature, is the single hub for frontline workers. Workers schedule, communicate and view tasks. In real-time, workers can see the task that has been assigned and the priority level. For organizations, staff scheduling, gives them the ability to communicate with the team in one place with chats, video calls, or instantly with the push-to-talk app Walkie Talkie.
  4. Live Captions – With Microsoft Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Teams generates real-time live captions. Participants are able to see who is talking and follow the conversation. For the best user experience, presenters should speak directly into the microphone and be in an area with no background noise.
  5. External Communications – Use the Universal Channel inside of Teams to collaborate with clients, contractors, and third-party vendors without leaving the platform. Admins within your organization can set controls for features that guests can have access to.


Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool for organizations to help boost employee engagement, however, as with any new technology, end-user adoption is most important. Learn today how ThreeWill can assist in your initiatives by visiting  ThreeWill Adoption and Change Management.

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