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How to Add Menu Tiles and Promoted Links

Menu tiles help as shortcuts in SharePoint to access pages/lists quickly. In this blog, we’ll be discussing how to add menu tiles and promoted links using a web part in SharePoint like below:

Setting up these tiles are very straightforward. Navigate to Site Contents then add an app in the top left corner of the page.

Add a Promoted Link and name it whatever you please; note that this name will be referenced later in your webpart.

In your new list, you’ll realize there are some pre-defined columns – Title, Background Image Location, Description, Link Location, Launch Behavior, Order, Background Image Cluster Horizontal Start & Background Image Cluster Vertical Start.

Main Columns We’ll Be Focusing On

  • Title is basically what you want the tile to be called when it’s displayed.
  • Background Image Location represents the image that’ll be shown in the background of the tile.
  • Link Location is where the tile goes when it’s clicked.
  • Launch Behavior has a few options like, In page navigation, Dialog and New tab, these represent the behavior when the tile is clicked. For example, if you want tile to open in new tab, select New Tab in Launch behavior.
  • Order represents which order you want that specific tile to be in when you have more than one.

Now, fill-in all the necessary columns and save.

In your new page, insert a Webpart.

And add. Save and publish your page.

You can edit your page and change properties of the webpart to suit your needs. There are multiple views that support these menu tiles. You can find all these properties by clicking “Edit web part” while in Edit mode.

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