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A Project Communication Plan Template is useful in onboarding resources to a project. It is helpful to identify which meetings they are targeted to attend, as well as the targeted time for those meetings.

When there are a lot of resources on a project, a project communication plan can be a very helpful key point of reference to quickly identify the resource needed for your interaction or collaboration.

What is needed in a Project Communication Plan?

  • Resource contacts, their roles, their email addresses, and which meetings they are targeted to attend
  • Project Timeline
  • Targeted Meetings, along with date and time for those meetings
  • Additional Helpful information –  An example is any known out-of-office time for key resources

With the above in mind, keeping this effort simple, but useful, let’s utilize Excel for this template creation.

Expecting to have at a minimum the following tabs:

  • Instruction
  • Resource
  • Time
  • Optional: A Sample Resource tab and a Sample Timeline tab

Let’s start with the Resource tab. The following columns should be included:

  • Company (I am thinking about a recent project I got started with which involved the Client, along with additional Vendors)
  • Resource
  • Role
  • Email Address

Some key meetings to consider:

  • KickOff
  • Standup
  • Sprint Review
  • Point of Entry for Sprint Reviews (In some cases depending on the project)
  • Weekly Status Report Recipient (One other helpful item is whether this resource will be on the receiving end of the Weekly Status Report that’s targeted to be sent for this project)

Resource TabProject Team Communication Plan Template 1

Sample Resource tab
Project Team Communication Plan Template 2

Now let’s create the Time tab.

For this, let’s include the following at a minimum,

  • Sprint #
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Internal Sprint Planning/Standup
  • Standup
  • Additional Meetings
  • Theme (Sprint Theme)
  • OOO (a good place to note key resources OOO time)

Time tabProject Team Communication Plan Template 3

Sample Time tabProject Team Communication Plan Template 4

Let’s also add one additional tab for Additional Calls.Project Team Communications Plan Template 5


Keep in mind you too may want to add additional tabs to this Project Team Communication Plan Template. But this is a good start.

Download the Project Communication Plan Template now.




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