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I had this question come up in a recent email…the response went so long that I thought that I should share it in a blog post…

Here’s my .02 on making this decision:

I’ll make the assumption that you’ve decided to move to Microsoft 365.

Why move the content from Jive to Microsoft 365?

  1. The documents, discussions and other corporate IP within your Jive environment would be lost (think of the tens of thousands of hours that went into creating much of that content).
  2. This will impact the adoption of Microsoft 365 because why would they recreate content in Microsoft 365 if there is the risk of it going away again?  End users would probably return back to email as the primary way to collaborate.

Maybe the idea is to start with a clean slate in Microsoft 365.  Actually, cleaning up content before or while we move it is done on every project that we do.  Our suite of utilities shows you details about the amount of content along with when it was last accessed so you can decide whether to move the content or not.  You do want to take this opportunity to clean things up – but starting your employees over with blank sites would be disheartening.  There’s nothing more frustrating than having to recreate content and adoption of Microsoft 365 will be impacted.

Let’s say you just tell people to move over content from Jive to Microsoft 365 on their own.  This could be because it’s difficult to say who should pay for the content migration.  You probably know this, but getting content out of Jive and into Microsoft 365 is not an easy task (especially for business-oriented folks).

If the budget is the issue, we could give you a cost model for migrating different departments (say a certain cost for moving over Marketing – they could decide whether it’s worth the cost or not).

Another option is just to move over certain types of content.  For example, just move over binary files.  This would reduce the budget and yet still retain some of the corporate IP.  Our suite of utilities actually don’t migrate all content types – the list is here – – so we actually have taken this approach with clients.

What’s your take on this?  Leave a comment below…

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