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MUNICH, Germany, and ALPHARETTA, Georgia: Rencore, the provider of award-winning software essential to SharePoint and Microsoft 365, announced today their partnership with U.S.-based solution provider ThreeWill. The partnership combines Rencore’s best-in-class migration software and ThreeWill’s leading-edge consulting to provide organizations with a complete migration solution to transition from SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft 365.

A successful migration project thorough pre-migration planning to ensure projects arrive on time and on budget. Rencore‘s Migration Assessment Tool analyzes all aspects of a SharePoint farm, a visual representation of its construction, identifies migration complexities and lift and shift opportunities, and needs modernization thought and planning.

“We are delighted to have ThreeWill as a Partner,” said Matthias Einig, CEO and co-founder at Rencore. “We are proud that our pre-migration assessment tool helps complete the highest standard of migration projects. ThreeWill not only focuses on migration but the complete modernization approach. They cater for preparation, execution, post-migration, and user adoption.”

ThreeWill uses Rencore technology to modernize, migrate, and digitally transform their clients’ Microsoft collaboration environments.  Focusing on desired business outcomes, they concentrate on technology, project management, and agile processes that ensure success in the Microsoft cloud. The Rencore Migration Assessment Tool seamlessly fits into ThreeWill’s service approach by providing all the information for a successful migration, creating an authoritative migration roadmap, including reliable estimates around time and effort.

“We can run the Rencore Migration Assessment Tool and show results visually and directly to the business owners,” said Pete Skelly, VP of Technology at ThreeWill. “We can map and assess some of the real complexities: what needs to be rearchitected, how long the project takes, and what kind of business investment the business owner needs to make. In short, we save our clients valuable time and prevent ugly surprises.”

The Rencore Migration Assessment Tool discovers and assesses all applications in a SharePoint farm. It helps decide on the migration suitability by looking at data such as usage, the technology used, and dependencies. ThreeWill offers the complete migration and modernization package, making migration projects transparent, cost-efficient, and timely.

For further comments or information, please contact Rencore today.

Request a free, no-obligation quote from ThreeWill that includes an assessment of your SharePoint environment today.

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