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Danny Ryan:Hello and welcome to the Two Bald Brothers and a Microphone podcast. This is your host Danny Ryan. I’m here with my other co-host, Tommy Ryan. How are you doing?


Tommy Ryan:I’m doing well, Danny.


Danny Ryan:Awesome, and I’m very excited to talk to you about something that’s technology-related, right?


Tommy Ryan:It’s got a three in it, too.


Danny Ryan:It’s got a three in it, as well, but since you’ve been in a special place in what we would call SOW hell, you’ve at least had a part of your life that you’ve been enjoying very much, outside of the gardening.


Tommy Ryan:Right, yeah. A lot of that going on.


Danny Ryan:Which is you have a new Model 3, so I just wanted to sit down with you. It does have the number three in it.


Tommy Ryan:It does, and it’s blue.


Danny Ryan:And, it’s blue.


Tommy Ryan:I don’t have a big giant three wheel logo on it yet.


Danny Ryan:When I thought you would get to this part of your life that you were looking forward to having a 911, right? It was a Porsche 911.


Tommy Ryan:That’s right.


Danny Ryan:You wanted, what, a convertible one, or did that matter-


Tommy Ryan:Convertible, red-


Danny Ryan:Convertible-


Tommy Ryan:Candy apple red, 911 Carrera.


Danny Ryan:Would you have ever guessed that you would get to this part of your life. I’m making this up like you’re reaching a half-life drama.


Tommy Ryan:I am 50.


Danny Ryan:You’re 50. Maybe this is.


Tommy Ryan:It is a mid-life crisis, isn’t it?


Danny Ryan:Would you ever think you would be buying a car that you could let go of the steering wheel and it would just drive for you?


Tommy Ryan:I never thought of that, 25 years ago, whatever, about autonomous driving. It’s pretty far away from that, but it’s neat to see the early stages of how a car can kind of take over, and what I think that will open up to, in terms of opportunities for people that maybe want the freedom but can’t drive.


You think about your parents as they get older, and having options like that would be really cool to have.


Danny Ryan:Let’s start with the backstory on this. You had originally gotten that reservation to get one, and then you had found a way to get one that was even sooner than that.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah-


Danny Ryan:Tell me about what happened there.


Tommy Ryan:I’m trying to remember. It was June or July, maybe June 30th, 2016, is when I put the reservation in-


Danny Ryan:Wow!


Tommy Ryan:For the Model 3, and that-


Danny Ryan:I just want to know how that conversation went with Linda. “Okay, Linda, I’m gonna put a $1,000 down on a car that I might never-”


Tommy Ryan:Well, this is kind of an interesting story. I saw the announcement. The announcement was at 3:00 in the morning, basically, 12:00 at night, or midnight in California. They made the announcement, and I was watching it because I was at the homeless shelter, and I was up, it was my shift.  I was watching the announcement and I decided, well … I already talked about it with Linda, and I just didn’t pull the trigger. I said, I wanted to talk to her one last time, because I don’t want to put down $1,000 and decide not to do it and sacrifice that $1,000.


I found out later the $1,000 is always refundable, you can always get it back, but I talked to her in the morning, the next morning I put in the reservation. It’s been over two years … Well, it’s been exactly about two years since I put in that reservation.


Danny Ryan:Wow. Wow.


Tommy Ryan:I ended up, and the reservation that I put in is still not available to configure the car. My son, Alex, that you just had lunch with-


Danny Ryan:Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Tommy Ryan:He knows one of the structural engineers who went to Georgia Tech, that is on like a team of six that did all of the structural design for Model 3, and he had two reservations, and only wanted to use one of them. He ended up giving me one of his reservations, and so I got it earlier than expected.


Danny Ryan:Alex said you gave your other old reservation to him? That was nice of you to do.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. I hear Danny Ryan wants it.


Danny Ryan:I do.


Tommy Ryan:That hasn’t been cleared by Clarence yet.


Danny Ryan:I heard Danny Ryan’s married to Amy Ryan, and Amy’s not so fond of this idea, but, yeah, I’m holding off on the car thing for as long as I can. Honda makes a good car-


Tommy Ryan:They do.


Danny Ryan:I have no issues with this car.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, I had 175,000-


Danny Ryan:Don’t say that, you … Now you’re gonna make me have to go up to that.


Tommy Ryan:Well, Linda’s at 245 in her car.


Danny Ryan:All right.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. Can you beat that?


Danny Ryan:No. No. No. No.


Tommy Ryan:That car will probably go to 350.


Danny Ryan:Yeah.


Tommy Ryan:We like running them to the ground. My other car was fine. I could get another 75,000 out of it. It’s just the timing, it’s just exciting to kind of get it on. The brink of it becoming more of a mainstream car that’s available, something that starts at 35,000 versus 65,000 in their other vehicles.


Danny Ryan:I’m thinking that I want to name this podcast The Top X, we’ll say… The top three, or five, or ten things that you love so far about your Model 3? Where would you start with? Part of this whole things is the experience of getting this. Has it been a positive … your whole … I know you signed up early for it, and then you-


Tommy Ryan:It’s interesting. They have over … I think over 500,000 reservations, which I think is five billion dollars. People are just putting money upfront, which is incredible. The experience of knowing what to do next, it’s not, I think, the best. It is one of those things you go in, and you check, and they say, “We’re gonna get to ya in this timeframe.” That moved out once, and I suspect it probably will move out one more time for the reservation that I haven’t used.


When I actually got to the point of getting the configuration done and getting it delivered, it got better, you had a better sense of what was going on, and they had a person that you could call and check in with, which was the same person every time. You were kind of tied to a customer service representative in that process from when configured the car, to when you had the car delivered.


Danny Ryan:You’re dealing with the same person, right?


Tommy Ryan:Same person. The configuration, they let you know it’s open for configuration, and that’s when you go in and pick the options. Right now it’s very streamlined, the options that you have are really color and the type of wheel. There’s two different types of hubcaps, let’s say, on the car.


Then everything else is really software-related. They have not given you choices for interior colors, you have to get the premium audio, they don’t have the standard audio, and the rest of it’s software, like the auto pilot. You get all the sensors for auto pilot. If you want it you buy it upfront, if you want it later you just pay a little extra later. That’s interesting where cars are going to a lot of software-related features that do help with production efficiencies. Build the car the same way, and just enable or disable it at a software level. That way you can upsell later if you want to.


Danny Ryan:You got blue, three wheel blue.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah.


Danny Ryan:It’s beautiful. With that, do you have five different colors you could choose from, and you had to pay extra to get something that was non-black-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, so they, I think black is the-


Danny Ryan:I’m so going to get a black car-


Tommy Ryan:But I got the black.


Danny Ryan:It’s never, it’s never going to be $35,000. I’m pretty convinced really.


Tommy Ryan:Yes.


Danny Ryan:I’m pretty convinced. It’s a teaser.


Tommy Ryan:Yes, the $35,000 is not out there yet. That is the standard range battery. Yeah, with the standard hubcaps in black and then no other features. Upgraded features let’s say, but  they’re all kind of basic model. Everything is physically there. You just have to decide do I want autopilot or do I want cruise control, things like that. You have to add on.


Danny Ryan:Did you get the regular hubcaps?


Tommy Ryan:No, I got the sport.


Danny Ryan:You got the sport hubcaps.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, if I’m gonna go through a midlife crisis, I gotta get the sport.


Danny Ryan:I love it. And then uh, so that was, those were the two things?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, that was the only two kind of physical hard things that you would, you had to decide and pick on.


Danny Ryan:But they still must do configure to order. I mean you must …


Tommy Ryan:It is a configure to order so, that color makes a big difference because they’ve got to go and retool the line to go to the next color. So people, you go to the forums and you’re sitting there, okay, I’ve configured, when am I going to get the car? And people are talking about, “Oh, I’ve got this color, got this feature,” and it’s …


Danny Ryan:Do they batch them up, I guess?


Tommy Ryan:They batch it up by color. Yeah.


Danny Ryan:Yeah.


Tommy Ryan:As far as from what I’ve read and I haven’t proved it, I haven’t talked to Elon about it, but that’s what I read on the forums.


Danny Ryan:Yeah. By the way, when I met with Alex at lunch today, I made sure that his friend wasn’t the one that was the leak. Did you hear the memo that went out this week-


Tommy Ryan:No.


Danny Ryan:Someone who was logging in as different people and changing code and then leaking … basically someone who is disgruntled about a raise or a title raise or whatever. And so they were leaking things out to the press and sabotaging the company.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. I think when you’re someone like Elon Musk’s that’s kind of pushing the envelope, I was talking to the engineer, Alex’s friend, and he says, “I don’t know how long I can be there. Either I’m going to get fired or I’m just going to get tired of the environment. It’s very exhausting.” So definitely not a lifestyle company. It’s more of a grind them up and if you want to be working on the latest thing, then you just pay the price to be in that environment.


Danny Ryan:So you got the car how long ago?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, I had PTO and I got it actually the day before went on PTO. So it was sitting in the garage for a week and then.


Danny Ryan:And you didn’t let me know this. You’re like, “I’m not going to say a damn thing.”


Tommy Ryan:I’m the one that’s gonna break this thing first. I got to put on the first scratch.


Danny Ryan:No, I could have done the first scratch for you. And that’s the kind of service I provide.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, I know. And you’ve got, well you know what I liked the most and what actually it’s taken a while to get used to is having no keys. So you pair your phone and your phone is your entry into the car and it’s the proximity that locks it for you and turns it off. So when you get into the car, you definitely have to tell it, I want to go in reverse or drive by the stock shift. You go up or down for that and then when you park, you push in. After you parked, there’s nothing else you do, you just exit the car and when you stop, the music’s still playing and it’s still got air condition on, but when you leave the car and close it and it sees the proximity that you’ve left, it actually turns all those systems down and then when you get back into the car, it’s got some nice features where it brings the seat back and the wheel forward.


And then when you sit down it starts ramping up the radio back to the same volume that you had when you left the car. And when you exit the car, it actually brings the volume down. So, when you open the car, it’s not blasting.


Danny Ryan:Just a little pro tip for you. If you’re going to go to the bathroom, you probably should bring your phone with you. Because if you leave it out on your desk-


Tommy Ryan:Good idea. Good idea.


Danny Ryan:… you might come back … It’s just a pro tip because I could, because my phone won’t open my car.


Tommy Ryan:Well, one of the things that’s interesting, I’ve been in used cars since we got married, when we first … It’s interesting in the car that time-


Danny Ryan:You’re blaming this all on Linda? I’m just kidding.


Tommy Ryan:She gets all the new cars. Now it’s my turn. Yeah, the first car we got was kind of in a similar vein. It was the, it was a Saturn where it was a different buying experience than the standard buying experience.


Danny Ryan:I remember that. Yeah. Yeah.


Tommy Ryan:And we had that and then we had kids and so ended up getting a used Brosco or something like that.


Danny Ryan:And you had a Maxima for awhile. The Nissan Maxima for awhile that you got from Car Max?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. And all my cars up bottom already with like 60,000 or more miles. So I’ve always been used to very old tech and I’ve never had a car that’s had keyless entry, like a key fob. And just never had all these automatic features. Not a rear view-


Danny Ryan:Back out-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, back out camera and all that stuff. It’s fun to have it. It’s kind of neat to have those and it’s gonna be hard to drive cars without it, I guess, at this point.


Danny Ryan:Yeah. Yeah. So tell me more about, I guess you showed it off to me earlier this week and I love how if you’re getting into the backseat, it makes you feel like an idiot because you don’t know what to do to the door, so you just stay in there for awhile and then start pressing on things and then … I was the first one to figure it out.


Tommy Ryan:You are.


Danny Ryan:But still-


Tommy Ryan:It’s got some unconventional features that, and I don’t know, maybe other cars have it too. Maybe it’s not unique to Tesla, but when you open up the car, they have an emergency that is a physical, mechanical opening of the door. But everything they try to do is through software enabled. So electronic. And so they have for opening the door, they bring down the window and then pop the door. So I think they’re trying to take the seal off so it’s easy for it to open up. And if you do it mechanically at Warringah, don’t do that because you might end up long term damaging the door if you always use the mechanical piece.


But that’s interesting. And then getting in, it’s not like the Model S and X where the handles come out as you approach the car. There’s a mechanical kind of, you push in on the handle for it to flip out so you can open up the car.


Danny Ryan:And you showed me, I mean it’s got one screen.


Tommy Ryan:Yes. No dashboard.


Danny Ryan:No dash, so it’s all controlled from one screen.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. One screen. Yeah. And I think it’s 15 inch, just one single screen. And they put all the driver type functions, like, what is your speedometer and your windshield wipers. All that is on the left hand, the left third of the screen. And they’ve got a really nice big navigation panel that there’s cards that slide up to layer on top of it as you’re doing things like music or other features.


Danny Ryan:Does it remind you of a IOS or Android? Are there parts of it that are similar to it or is this a whole new different type of experience or is?


Tommy Ryan:It is different. It’s not like car play. I’ve never used Android Auto, so I don’t know how to compare it to that, but it’s not like CarPlay where it’s kind of app button related. You’ve got some physical buttons. I say physical because it has a painted symbol. So you know, that touch area will actually bring via a shortcut to a function like air condition, fan speed and stuff like that.


Danny Ryan:So it’s got an icon for a physical thing, but it’s not a physical button?


Tommy Ryan:It’s not, it’s a touch screen and you’re just touching an area of the touchscreen that’s kinda dedicated to have that.


Danny Ryan:How do you like that? Is there times in which you want to have a knob or is it, you’re adjusting to it right now?


Tommy Ryan:The thing I still adjust to, and this is the only the first week that I’m driving, but the thing that I’m adjusting to is on that collar to go up or down to drive, I’ve always had the manual transmission where in the center console, you would actually move it to drive and move it to reverse. And when I first got into the car that was awkward and then now I’m getting used to it. But you think about a quick way to go back and forth and reverse and drive if you’re trying to turn around or something like that. It’s not as intuitive, but it’s becoming intuitive.


Danny Ryan:The navigation on it, is it better than a Google Maps or Waze or what’s been, or any?


Tommy Ryan:I like it. I don’t say I wish I had Google Maps. I mean it feels more like Google Maps.


Danny Ryan:Do you dial in a destination and then it gives you driving directions for it?


Tommy Ryan:Yep, it does.


Danny Ryan:Okay.


Tommy Ryan:The neat thing about it is it tells you what your battery’s going to be at the destination. And what your battery be on a round trip so you don’t, quote, strain yourself where you go somewhere and you don’t have enough charge to get back.


Danny Ryan:Okay.


Tommy Ryan:And also if you do have a longer trip, it will show you supercharging stations along the route and tell you how much time you should stay at each of those charging stations to arrive within a battery to kinda get around town.


Danny Ryan:Now Alex said you’re going up to the wedding-


Tommy Ryan:We’re going to a wedding in Ohio. So we’re going to have our first road trip in it and be able to test some of the enhanced autopilot features.


Danny Ryan:And the charging stations. Do you pay for that or is that something-


Tommy Ryan:You do. And I calculated it out to kind of get a full tank of gas, that’s 310 miles is, so … To put 250 or so in it. I calculated it, it’s like six to seven bucks. So it’s definitely a lot cheaper than-


Danny Ryan:Total of six to seven bucks?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Danny Ryan:For 350 miles?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, for say 300 miles.


Danny Ryan:Okay.


Tommy Ryan:A charge. I wouldn’t quote me on that, but somewhere in that ballpark, it’s less than $10.


Danny Ryan:Okay. Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to, we’re not the car guys. Hey guys, if you’re coming here for real numbers, go somewhere else. We’re a bunch of tech geeks talking about a car. And it’s cool. So it maps it out for you so that you know where to stop and how long to stop there-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, and then it tells you where you’re going to be at what time for those supercharging stations so you can-


Danny Ryan:Do you have to reserve them or?


Tommy Ryan:No, I think right now in general there’s availability when you go. I don’t think that’s going to be the case a year from now, two years from now. They’re just starting to get populated and as soon as they can ramp up the production to 5,000 or more, we’re going to start seeing a lot more on the road.


Danny Ryan:And then you have a charging station at home that you plug in?


Tommy Ryan:Yes.


Danny Ryan:And you said it only takes an hour or so to get a full charge, whatever the charge is.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. So I’ve just got a, it’s on a 40 amp circuit and I drive maybe let’s say 50 miles in a day, roughly, probably a little bit less if I’m not going anywhere else and that has been an hour to charge it. And I talked to our local power company and they can get you set up on being on a two tier rate system that, from a certain time to a certain time in the day, you’re paying a certain amount per kilowatt hour and then at night you pay lower. And so I set it on a delay to start charging at 1:00 in the morning.


Danny Ryan:Is that a 220 or 221 or?


Tommy Ryan:Whatever it takes.


Danny Ryan:You want a beer? It’s 6:00 in the morning. Scotch. Sorry, watch Mr. Mom. Sorry. So then, trying to think of what else … I was impressed with the fact that you can put stuff in the front of the car, in the back of the car-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, you got a frunk and a trunk.


Danny Ryan:Frunk.


Tommy Ryan:Get in the frunk! And this is what the Tesla engineer that Alex knows said, that frunk is designed to fit a carry on bag for airline travel. So if your bag fits in that frunk, you can take it in on a plane.


Danny Ryan:And the trunk itself is big enough for like three or four dead bodies.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. You put down the seats and get another two.


Danny Ryan:So a lot of this is software related, right? So you actually got a software update the other day.


Tommy Ryan:I did, yeah.


Danny Ryan:And you said you looked at release notes. You were probably just like, “Oh, this is the best thing ever.”


Tommy Ryan:It is.


Danny Ryan:You had to go inside and put your clothes back on. “Linda! I got a software update. I got a software update, I got release notes on my car.” She’s like, “Why are you, what is your problem?” Well, it’s exciting though. Getting new software is one of the reasons why we’re in this business.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, yeah. I’m not used to software when it relates to cars. I mean I thought CarPlay was neat when I rented a car that had that, it added to the experience for sure.


Danny Ryan:Yeah. Trying to think what other things surprised you or what do you, I know when we were driving around the other day, the acceleration was pretty good.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, it’s got a great pickup. I mean, and this is not one of the faster, I mean, it’s probably the slowest Tesla that’s out there today. I think it’s 5.2 going from zero to 60, but it just has a good, nice response being an electric motor. You don’t get any of that lag from the time that you punch it to it goes.


Danny Ryan:And then when we were driving around, it picked up that we had undone, or the seatbelt, one of us had had … was plugged into the wrong, I think it was Jeff … was plugged into the wrong seat belt, but that software. Right? That’s a safety problem. So if you have kids back there, it’s just us, so who cares, but-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. Yeah.


Danny Ryan:It’s amazing.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. What I thought was neat and just when I was configuring the car. There was news about the breaking distance on the Tesla-


Danny Ryan:The consumer report stuff-


Tommy Ryan:Consumer report stuff and then I don’t know if it was a week or two weeks, the update went out and brought it back to what they expected it to be for sedan it’s size. That it was well within the normal range.


Danny Ryan:What do they call it? Software that’s like green field, like everybody’s running the latest version of everything. Is that the term? I don’t know, I should know, but I forgot.


Tommy Ryan:Evergreen.


Danny Ryan:Evergreen. That’s it.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. I mean I think that, [inaudible 00:24:09] I guess you can see that, you know, the same with Tesla. I don’t think they’re letting people lag on versions-


Danny Ryan:You can’t control whether you’re getting the update or not.


Tommy Ryan:You can control when you install it.


Danny Ryan:Okay.


Tommy Ryan:And I don’t know if they force you after a period of time.


Danny Ryan:Because you might want to not install the update as you’re going 85 miles down 400.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah.


Danny Ryan:Yeah, yeah.


Tommy Ryan:You want to be parked.


Danny Ryan:Yeah. I was mentioning to Alex and stuff about the guy who was sabotaging the company. I’m like, that makes you worry, you can send, these are updates.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, the power is danger. Yeah.


Danny Ryan:Yeah, yeah. It’s amazing the QA of this stuff as it goes out.


Tommy Ryan:What made me a little bit nervous is when I got the car, I couldn’t open up the glove compartment and they said it was a software glitch, but they had to put a new piece of hardware in there to be compatible with the software.


Danny Ryan:That makes you feel real good.


Tommy Ryan:Can’t wait to find that next bug.


Danny Ryan:And then yesterday, you were showing Austin and that … Was it yesterday?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, Austin and Alex.


Danny Ryan:Austin and Alex were driving around and you were showing off the … Now the autopilot is, you can just let go of the wheel-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, there’s two stages of autopilot. And one is basically cruise control, adaptive cruise control where you can set the distance you want to be with the car in front of you-


Danny Ryan:Which Honda has. There’s another company in-


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, Linda’s, her car is a 2005, it has that feature.


Danny Ryan:Oh it does, got it.


Tommy Ryan:It was probably cutting edge at the time, but that’s kind of a standard feature. And then the, and in terms of autopilot stuff, I don’t think Tesla is necessary the leader in that. But the neat thing about it is you see new features, I think sooner as they’re improving it. But the enhanced autopilot, it will keep you within the lane and take over driving. And you can do this at slower speeds and back roads or on the highway. And they were having an interesting experience doing it in the back windy roads around the house. It can freak you out when you do it for the first time.


But in that release that I got, the new release ended up showing cars on the road. So it shows you positionally where you are in traffic with other cars.


Danny Ryan:So where it’s sensing the other cars, it’s showing you on the feedback on the screen-


Tommy Ryan:On the screen, yeah.


Danny Ryan:Nice.


Tommy Ryan:Also with the enhanced autopilot, you can change lanes. So you put on your blinker and if you’re in enhanced autopilot, it will move you over when you have space to move over.


Danny Ryan:And you pay extra for, when the laws are through to do a full autopilot experience.


Tommy Ryan:I think that’s going to be a paid upgrade and I don’t know what that dollar figure is. I think, I don’t know if it would come to the people that purchased enhanced autopilot or if that will be an additional charge. Because they have two stages of autopilot. Just I think a standard autopilot and an enhanced.


Danny Ryan:Have you done, can you do and have you done this summon thing? You told me about that where it can drive?


Tommy Ryan:I haven’t done it. I don’t think it’s available yet on the Model 3. I think they’re probably trying to get enough telemetry I guess on the cameras and calibration and, before they turn on that feature because it’s moving it without you in it. From what the engineer said that I talked to, that’s coming, but they’re not sure when they’re going to release that and it’s all these software things. I was looking at the audio on it for music and they use Slacker. I said, “Oh, I wish it was Spotify. I’ve got all my playlists there and I’d rather not create another account and manage another account.”


And John was in the car with me today and he looked it up and actually Model 3 and Model X have an option to change to Spotify. So I would think that would be coming in the future because it’s just a software thing that they’re probably just testing it out in that group of cars and then rolling it out in the Model 3 later.


Danny Ryan:At lunch with Alex. Alex thinks that the Model 3 will be like the iPhone where everybody has it, in the future. Do you see a lot of them around? And it’s-


Tommy Ryan:I saw one at lunch today, I mean. Yeah, I think. Well, you know, that’s a lot of … Well, I’m not a car buff so I don’t know how many cars go out in the year for a particular model, but 500,000 is quite a lot for a car that no one’s driven until recently.


Yeah. I think just maybe a week or two back they started putting them in the showrooms, but before everybody’s doing it kind of on faith. It’s neat to see someone breaking through the standard paradigms with building cars and it’s coming at a price. I think, you know, that company is really struggling and grappling with things and on the edge of bankruptcy and all those good things. But it’s great to have someone pushing through because it makes it better for all of us.


Danny Ryan:Everybody.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah.


Danny Ryan:Yeah.


Tommy Ryan:I don’t think you’d see the amount of movement you’ve seen in electric cars outside of Tesla, if Tesla wasn’t the one kind of pushing the envelope.


Danny Ryan:And you want people to move over from having a gasoline station on every corner to charging stations.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, and you think the infrastructure for that would be easier. The safety on that would be, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up a gas station or a charging station when they moved to another location. Because now it becomes a hazmat scene for anytime a gas station is vacated, a location. And you would think infrastructure wise that would be a lot easier to get it set up and you don’t have to have gas trucks dumping gas on there. You think overall it’d be a lot more efficient and cost effective to get into the market.


I think that’s gonna be the challenge and the pain. At one point, you would think it’s going to tip and then it’s gonna be hard to find gas and you don’t want to have, I mean, you can’t come back home and refuel in gas if there aren’t gas stations.


Danny Ryan:Right. Right.


Tommy Ryan:It becomes a bigger challenge I think when that tips.


Danny Ryan:What else? Any other surprises that you ran into when you first … Anything?


Tommy Ryan:No, I mean after, I think what’s kind of neat is the regenerative braking.


Danny Ryan:Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Tommy Ryan:So it’s like driving a golf cart as you let go on the accelerator-


Danny Ryan:A really suped up golf cart.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. Yeah.


Danny Ryan:So you let go of the gas-


Tommy Ryan:You let go of the gas and it starts braking. And it brakes pretty significantly and you can almost get away with never touching the brake until you come to a stop sign or a stop light where it will drift. You have to put on the brake to completely stop the car. But for normal traffic, you’re just keeping your foot on the accelerator and just backing off on it to brake it.


Danny Ryan:Did you get any of the tax benefits out of this?


Tommy Ryan:I’m looking at the details, I think I am still qualifying for the federal rebate, which that they hit, I think I want to say 365,000 electric cars and then that will go away-


Danny Ryan:And it’s like 10,000 bucks, something like that?


Tommy Ryan:$9,500. Yeah, it’s a significant.


Danny Ryan:Wow.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, that’s all nice break.


Danny Ryan:That’s awesome.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah. So, but it’s funny. It’s almost funny money, you know, for an LLC-


Danny Ryan:Well, can I borrow it? $9,500? It’s not funny to me.


Tommy Ryan:Well, it’s not money. It’s a tax break, but when you’re in the whole LLC stuff, it makes sense.


Danny Ryan:Tell me more about this LLC stuff.


Tommy Ryan:Then it becomes funny money.


Danny Ryan:Oh, anything else? Any. You’ve got an iPhone and your Apple watch. Is there any interaction between your mobile phone or are you just plugging it in? And that’s it?


Tommy Ryan:So the phone, it connects to Bluetooth and you can basically do … Oh, what I thought was kind of neat is when you’re talking on the phone, you go into the car, when you close the door, it actually switches over to the car. And I’ve talked to people and they haven’t noticed that change. So the audio is pretty good, so it’s nice that brings the call control into the car, which is probably most cars now have Bluetooth. I’ve never had a car with a Bluetooth before. All these new things that. Yeah, that’s not really a cool feature. That’s what all cars do. But I’ve enjoyed that. That’s kind of a nice switchover.


Danny Ryan:Yeah, that was the only thing that with a July 1st hands free stuff. Amy’s like, “Well, maybe you should have a car with Bluetooth and some of those things,” but I …


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, before I had a pretty nice Bluetooth, not Bluetooth, but it had Bluetooth and you could hook up through the USB cable, more a firewire cable, whatever. You could hook that up to your phone and then it brings the audio through without having a tune it in. Without having to connect to it through Bluetooth. And they would broadcast that onto your stereo channel. I’ll show it to you, it’s a nice, I’ve found it’s a lot nicer than the typical Bluetooth adapter protocol.


Danny Ryan:There’s nobody who deserves this car more than you, Tommy. You’ve been having a lot of used cars that you’ve put up with or just you’re very frugal and I appreciate that. And I’m excited for you.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, the Catholic guilt kind of dampers some of that excitement.


Danny Ryan:Oh it’s fine. You don’t have to feel guilty for it. You’ve gotten the kids through college, right?


Tommy Ryan:Yes.


Danny Ryan:So kids are, you know, you’ve taken care of that. Madeline’s married off, so that’s been taken care of. But yeah, it’s a beautiful car and I hope you enjoy it.


Tommy Ryan:Thank you. Yeah, it’s fun.


Danny Ryan:Yeah. Thanks everybody for listening. If you’ve gotten all the way to this point, that’s amazing. Well, maybe we should talk more about cars on here, but I hope you enjoyed this-


Tommy Ryan:Cars in collaboration.


Danny Ryan:Cars and collaboration. We tried to bring the technology piece into this and talking about it since then, it really is a technology driven car. Did they have anything in the car that had to do with Microsoft teams or at any point in time were you interacting with Office 365 or anything like that?


Tommy Ryan:Not yet. Not yet. I’ll have to talk to Elon about that.


Danny Ryan:Okay. Yeah, we have to write a little-


Tommy Ryan:Team connector.


Danny Ryan:Yes, connector. There you go. Well, thank you. I’m going to stop it at that. Thank you, everybody, for listening and have a wonderful day. Thank you. Bye-bye.


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