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Danny Ryan:Hello and welcome to ThreeWill podcast. This is your host Danny Ryan, I’m here with Tommy Ryan. Tommy how you doing?


Tommy Ryan :I’m doing well Danny, how about yourself?


Danny Ryan:Good, good. Doing just fine, doing just fine.


So, today we’re going to continue on. We’re talking about our culture and in particular our shared values and on the second to the last value which this one sounds a little weird but our value is value.


Tommy Ryan :Yeah.


Danny Ryan:I’ll go ahead and read what we have up on the website for this. We have Carolynn up there and this is the value itself. We strive to provide maximal value for our customers, that sounds wonderful. Then let me read the quote that we have with that. We think the greatest value we can bring to our clients is taking the time to truly understand their needs in order to be able to provide them with an outstanding solution on time and on budget. At ThreeWill we will strive to understand completely what the client needs before we ever strike the first line of code or make the first configuration change. It is not our job to write amazing code, using all the latest technologies just because we can and think it would be a good value. It is our job to know what … Excuse me … It is our job to know what will bring the client value by working closely within to gain a real understanding of the project requirements. Then using our agile process we can apply that knowledge to ensure the correct tools and technologies are employed in order to provide an outstanding solution that exceeds the clients expectations and brings them the greatest value. What do you think about that Tom?


Tommy Ryan :I think it can sound generic but I think when you put skin on it, when you look at individuals at ThreeWill, the way they look at this, they look at okay what am I billing per hour and did I actually do something that was valuable. I think we always have that tension of am I at the end of the day providing more value than the check that’s been signed to compensate us for the work that we got done for the customer, so you know that’s a tension that’s really real within our organization and it’s good to have that tension. It makes you think about, let’s make sure that we’re methodical in the way we go about determining what gets done, and the agile process helps with that, where we’re not spending so much time talking about things that don’t get done or don’t add value.


If you look at the process of sales to delivery, we take down the users stories, so we can understand at a high level what do you want to accomplish, what are the individual features that make up the initiative that you want us to get involved with and as a part of that we feedback, very quickly the leveled effort. So you can look at an item on that backlog and say wow, that’s going to cost $5,000 dollars or $10,000 dollars to implement that one feature. Maybe it’s not as valuable as I thought it was and maybe I didn’t realize the complexity of going down that path. So we want to enable our customers to see that, before they even spend a penny in the process and so that I think gives value to the customer very early before we even deliver any of our product that we do and our projects.


Danny Ryan:Yeah, I really like what Bruce and the team does with breaking out estimates and understanding from the get go, he breaks them out into different groups and understanding, how much am I going to be spending on maybe this feature set and early on from a clients stand point, they’re understanding sort of where am I spending my money and they probably have the best sense of anyone as far as whether it’s worth that and understanding what their goals are and will implementing this really help them meet those goals and so you know, we don’t want to see ourselves as an okay let’s go tell ThreeWill what to do, it’s more we’re engaging with you to talk through what yo are trying to accomplish and then sort of prioritizing what you’re doing as well because I think that’s where the value comes into play, as you’re doing the things of the highest priority first and how do you do that and I can see with the delivery teams, that they’re able to do that and organize on a sprint by sprint basis, which is just wonderful to see.


Tommy Ryan :Yeah and I really think the process of agile is the key component to the value proposition that we have to our customers and it even comes without a project taking place. It can come through the ability to make a good decision on should I go after a certain project and to “fail early.” We do fail early in the sales process where we provide a budget and that budget is beyond what they can afford to go after an initiative and it’s much better to figure that out up front, than to get half way into it and realize well I’m not going to be able to get to the finish line, now I’ve spent money but I can’t get to the finish line so I don’t have value, I have a deficit. I’ve spent money, I’ve spent time and I have nothing to show for it. We don’t want to put our customers in that position and that’s tough.


We’re in environments that we want to be a catalyst to move quickly, get engaged, start producing, working software and to keep that in balance with okay overall objectives of the organization, technology, standards and at the end of the day is this something that fits and works well within the organization. It’s not always black and white, so we have to help tease out the details with our customers, so they can make the most informed decision along the way and at the end of the day, we feel like an educated customer where we’re helping them in that process, is going to be the best customer to set us up to be successful.


Danny Ryan:I feel like a part of the reason why we ended up focusing so much on share point as a framework and just sort of what we’re taking into each of the different projects, is because of wanting to provide value and that is we don’t want to go around building these frameworks from the ground up … We’d rather come in with share point into a project because I think ultimately if we’re talking about value, sorry I can see some clients sharing the same concept of value and saying you know looking at our bill rates and saying hey I could get maybe two or three other folks at a lower rate, that would lower your bill rates so I think that these other companies are better value, but the way that I look at is our approach both with our process with scrum with being able to organize around what are we going after each sprint and making sure we are spending the right time on the appropriate things along with using share point as sort of the framework where we’re configuring first, coding second but can build these high value solutions out of this that we’re able to have one, two, three persons teams that if you were building this from the ground up would take a dozen folks to go and do.


Tommy Ryan :Right, yeah, yeah and I think focusing on a platform and being able to understand the nooks and crannies and the breadth and depth of that platform enables us to have a final complete solution that is going to give the customer further, than just taking a generic approach where you have to in a sense reinvent the wheel and we prescribe to, if there’s something out there that can get the job done and we extend that and bring it to the finish line faster and kind of better quality more capability then we’re all for that. We don’t think we need to start everything from scratch and we’re always trying to find those opportunities where there is that fit. We’re not forcing a square into a round hole but we see that this is a round hole and this is going to be the fastest way to get you there and let us show you want we’ve done with other customers and give you a vision of how you can get there and do things that maybe you really didn’t realize you could do with a platform.


Absolutely, anything else to add for value?


Danny Ryan:I think it comes down to making good choices. We’ve talked about this and the number of values in the brand promisees. At the end of the day, to provide value there has to be a good dialog with the customer to understand what’s important to them and continue to hoNE in on what is their situation, what’s special about what they’re trying to accomplish and tune ourselves to that need and not try to force a customer down a path just because we think it’s the right way. We really need to understand where our customer is coming from, so we can tune to giving them the most value. I always turn the artist software development into a science but there are aspects to what we do, which is people interactions that we have to kind of tune into what’s important to the customer and I think that’s what makes us a very valuable organization to our customers today and tomorrow. It’s because of us caring about understanding their need and expecting and adapting to that need in the fastest way possible.


Tommy Ryan :Nice socks dude.


Danny Ryan:I don’t think I’ve seen these yet?


Tommy Ryan :Yeah, yeah there maybe, I think we’re getting to he bottom of all the socks that I have.


Danny Ryan:If anyone would like to donate some socks to the Danny and Tommy Ryan Sock Fund.


Tommy Ryan :I don’t know if I want used ones.


Danny Ryan:Oh yeah, let’s make sure there new socks, yes we’re looking for new socks to talk about.


Well thank you Tommy for taking the time to do this and thank you everybody for listening and have a wonderful day. Take care, bye bye.


Tommy Ryan :Bye, bye.


Danny RyanThreeWill Shared Values – Value

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