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Just a quick heads up for anyone that has done Provider Hosted Apps for Microsoft 365. If you used AppRegNew.aspx to get your Client Secret, don’t forget it expires by default after one year.  I was reminded of this recently when one of our really smart customers noticed some strange behavior in their QA and UAT environments.  Thanks to her (yes, you are awesome Beth Vinson) troubleshooting chops she was able to catch this before it went into production.

The link below provides helpful tools (PowerShell) to identify when client secrets will expire and how to replace them. Also with PowerShell, you can set it to expire up to 3 years max instead of the default 1 year.

We are building a provider-hosted app called Trove right now.  Danny Ryan mentioned on an internal Yammer discussion that getting a new client secret as maintenance is part of their installation guide – we had to put this in our installation guide for Trove.

Eric Bowden mentioned in that same discussion that we’re creating an app for Trove in the Office store. The Client Id for Office store apps can be created to expire after 1,2, or 3 years.  He’s also looking into creating a warning screen to catch this maintenance task before it becomes a problem.

Did you get caught by this?  Any tips you would add?

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